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The analogy of designing from the inside out, where I might say, okay, what are the needs? And so we want to open up and expand the kitchen. But then, how does the kitchen communicate to all the rooms around it? Sometimes I find we don't even need an addition because there are so many rooms or extra spaces not being used well, that we can kind of reimagine the whole first floor. And move walls and open up openings and I've moved kitchens from one side of the house to another, which then opens up totally different spaces. Join sun design at their virtual remodeling and design seminar event on November 30th. Check out today's kitchen and bath trends to discover a better quality of life. Register at sun design ink dot com. That sun design ink, dot com. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. 5 15 Dave Johnson's in Miami this morning. You know, for the wizards and trick now is to do it on the road here in Miami for two games, beginning tonight it gets aid. After road trip, it would say we're winning 5 of 6 games, general Andrew Tommy shepherd. Nothing we've taken some punches. We keep getting better every time out. You want to try to see your team fully healthy, but that's every team in the league and nobody is. You're gonna reach into your depth and we've seen that already, you're going all the way down to our two way and Jordan Goodwin and got a chance to play helped us win some games so we've been thrilled for him. Yeah, the capital city go go make it a difference more than that in the next half hour. The capital is home tonight trying to stop a four game losing streak. Now look, they've been missing guys like TJ oshie Tom Wilson Nicholas spectrum, Joe Biden are the voice of the capitals. You know that it's debilitating the team that will be without so many of its top 6 forwards. All that said, the guys that are in the line of have the creativity to do it, it's just been an inconsistent type first two months. You see flashes of it. You know it's there, but you haven't seen it consistently enough. And that's why the record is subpar. Next half hour is it time to panic. College football rankings, Georgia, Ohio State Michigan, TCU, the top four LSU number 5, George Washington loses UC San Diego at college basketball. At first World Cup game underway, Morocco. From Miami, Dave Jackson, WTF sports

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