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Ignace. The kids are now ready for the old rat race now that they've competed in the Brent race baseball uses relief pitchers all the time. But rarely does the relief pitcher need relief shoes. But such was the case recently in Boston for Cleveland reliever Oliver Perez, who got a problem with the cleats on his left shoe while he wandered the mound and stocking feet. The Indians went to the footwear. Bullpen came up with other pair. We're on the Red Sox scores six runs in the inning and won the game for one of the Clete shoe was lost the Boston Bruins lost the Stanley Cup against the Saito is blues, but to back the Bruins folks, esplanade park had something made the place on the giants head of former Boston pops conductor Arthur Fiedler. It was a Bruins hockey helmet seventeen feet in circumference. So had the Bruins won the Cup and gotten a big head. At least they would have had some place for the helmet. From London was fairly routine, and without a problem, maybe count. The fact that landed in Edinburgh Scotland instead of Desseldorf Germany. Oops. They've been scheduling it in September. But complains about the cold weather have now caused a move to August. Philadelphia's annual Philly naked bike ride zombie from the black lagoon. It wasn't but Lakeridge, Indiana. Firefighters weren't sure for a while. So when they waited out to the five fingers sticking out of the pond turned out to be what resembles a piece of skinny mannequin, but for bravely waiting out, Icee, let's give him a big hand and Amsterdam. Holland, is quite the tourist destination, but scratch one attraction off your list, no longer will add to that have guided tours of its red light district. They say they don't want people staring at the employee's. Hey, the idea, be offbeat. I'm Jim Bohannon celebrating.

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