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Second in the conference third in the league as they get ready to host San Jose tomorrow night, it is bills football Monday. So we want to talk to you about Josh Allens day yesterday and everything else around the bills Jaguars. But we will also gladly take your calls because you wanna talk sabres hockey today as well about I'd say more win. You're only supposed to talk about them. They're they're in first place, and they're in second place. So we can offer a little while it was fun. So houses back on the hot seat now because they felt I know I got to be on. Yeah. Let's do that. Let's put them in the hot it worked. It worked at the start of the season was all by designed to put a little. The overnight NHL trade. I did. There's a trading NHL last night. Howard who who is. Dylan strong. Oh was traded by the coyotes. Name rings a bell. Name rings a bell Dylan Strom, where do I know him? He was drafted by Arizona. I think it might have been the Eichel. Is that? Right. I think so. Exactly, right. And what happened was okay? Do you? Remember the details there fuzzy try this the sabers? They drafted Eichel because they had finished last in guaranteed. No worse than the second spot in the draft. And then Strom I believe went after that Tarazona. So he he, you know, he could have been a sabre, but the sabres were one slot higher in the draft because they had actually tank that year. And I'm glad you remember that because I think I think I got a check the details at all escaped my memory. I believe you just set a registrar Strom draw. Okay. The name is strong Strom. Yes. From the famous stroll look into that. Yeah. I think I'll only start once per hour on that. That's okay. Whisper. This is that the earliest six twenty six I like the trade for Chicago got him in Pearleen. That's a good trade for them. I like it. I like to try to offer Chicago, right? Eight oh three oh, five fifty this morning. We have lots to talk about. Let's go west in York. Let's get up. Let's start your workweek. Let's talk give us. Call bills savers. Both..

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