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Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, over to rob stallworth in the traffic center. On the analytic and prince George's county as you leave route one college park headed toward the BW park where he may have a crash within the delays as you head toward, of course, the BW Parkway on the antelopes watch out for that. Outer loop after the BW Parkway crash cleared to the left shoulder all your travel angel open with delays remain on the outer loop back to route 50 to John Hanson highway on the John Hanson highway eastbound going across the bay bridge. We had three lanes east and two lanes west, westbound volume delays approaching route 8 and stevensville pi traveling at this point on three O one across the Harry nice Mac Middleton bridge in the northbound direction, we understand the right lane is blocked for a broken down veal and in buoy, northbound on three O one underneath the two 14 to left and right sides were blocked for the crash involvement overturned vehicle. No problems really on the butt way in Montgomery county except for the delays on the outer loop leaving old Georgetown road coming off to southbound two 70 spur toward the legion bridge, northbound two 70 all the activities cleared between falls road and montrose wrote from the earlier crashed investigation to traveling to open the new available there, but seeing more volume northbound on two 70 approaching one 24 up toward one 21 with no issues, otherwise in Virginia on the inner loop, slowdowns approaching Tyson's headed toward mcclain and the American legion bridge while Ben and southbound on the GW Parkway between the beltway and one 23, a single lane gets you by the work zone there. Eastbound 66 headed inside the beltway toward the spout run park where you may have one stopped in the roadway, and then the 5 southbound, the usual suspects going across the Aquaman down to one 23 northbound slows in separate stretches between Quantico and the Springfield interchange with the traveling to open and available there. Thinking about an electric car, plug in a fit small dot com and find your electric pride today, check out the Hyundai Ioniq, the VW ID four or the Chevy vault at Fitz mall dot com. That's the 5th way Rob stallworth, WTO traffic. Now let's take a look at your weather forecast. Here's 7 news first alert meteorologist Jordan Evans. Once we get through The Rain chances tonight, we're looking at a dry forecast starting tomorrow and throughout most of

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