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Twenty one Israel trip dot com. And that's where you could get all the details. It is yes it's expensive but the the thing is is that We it's covers basic everything but I think lunch I think one of the lunches is covered. But you're breakfasts dinners the hotels flights out of of New York. Now if you don't fly to New York he's can save money and you could go to You could just meet us in Tel Aviv. And so that's an option as well. Oh so if you want to join us go to twenty twenty one Israel trip dot com there for the month of January. They're doing something where because because of I guess Christmas a figure people don't have as much money on hand. The down payment is now only three hundred dollars not five hundred for this this month only for January only so. It'll be a three hundred dollars and you have to Thanksgiving to cancel seeing a long time to consider if you can't make it. I think it's one hundred. Twenty five dollars is not You've been there before I've been there before. Under very different circumstances you were there with Christians looking and teaching in Christianity. I was there with a family that was trying to bring me back into judy or bring all of us back into Judaism very different circumstance. But we'll be going together and it's going to be a lot of fun. It's going to be a one of those once in a lifetime experiences. So if you can do it we'd love to have you come with us and join us And sort so to close out. Go to Justin Peters Dot Org checkout everything Justin has be going. They're clicking on it every day. Waiting for the new Website Click Click. Click Click and subscribe to dedicate. Yes since none of you could spell. Get Your podcast APP and Search Justin Peters and you'll find it that way Anything you WANNA NISA before we close out no thank. Thank all of you for watching and your questions is encouraging for me and all that kind comments and Enjoyed -joyed God. Bless you all so Thanks for watching next week. I don't know what we're GONNA next week. We probably won't have show because we'll both be g three and so Probably won't have a show and don't know we'll do on the week after but But do keep listening to be just go to projects DOT COM arm. I do keep that up to date with what topics are going to be. And what we're going to be doing when we're GONNA have a show when we're not so Oh here we go here before we close out. There's one for Chris. If a richer story still watching Kt Says Justin Peters going is Justin Peters going to be a guest on Voice of reason radio I wish. Kt I agree with you. I think that's a brilliant idea and facebook users to facebook user. Says you can't spell dedicate. So there did. He's up dedicate right there who can't spill. Yes so he did so Woah. So folks I appreciate you and We'll see you next time that we're on Keep practicing your politics keeping Bing ready to defend the faith and Be Praying for Justin. He's got a couple of trips. Coming up it's going to be busy time so Thanks for watching hope. It was helpful educational. Good Morning. Holy Spirit been has said several other occasions but anyway I think that's That's this coming here. This one here. He said good so good morning. Holy Spirit all right. We'll see next time folks bye now..

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