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In the food service industry is the focus of a meeting that starts sunday in dallas about three thousand people are expected to attend the women's food service forum to map out ways to get more women in leading spots in the businesses that include manufacturers distributors and operators about one hundred ceos and other executives we'll be part of the discussion and the conference will also feature speeches by former first lady michelle obama and former news anchor gretchen carlsson the group's initiative to close the gender equity gap comes as the study of the food industry by leinen that oregon mckinsey and company found that while women make up almost half of entry level workers they fill just twenty three percent of senior executive positions shook stamina aren't as big as they used to be a new study found that salmon in the columbia river and the northeastern pacific from california to western alaska are smaller and younger nowadays should ochre usually the biggest and most prized species of salmon in north america in a study published in the journal fish and fisheries big chinook of decreased both in numbers and in size as much as ten percent in length and substantially more in weight the cause of the overall downward trend in the size of chinook isn't well understood but one possible cause is the selective fishing pressure by marine mammals protected for the last 40 years and surging and population seals primarily eat smaller chinook but killer whales prefer the biggest all right it's jamie progress it's number one number two employees lead an esa hey jamie it's me jamie this is your daily pep talk i know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your all cappella.

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