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Fifth. if you all came early and stay late as we went through the process of the legislature. and as you know we got it all done. we have full funding for this coming to Europe by them. and then we've got a proposition five on the ballot. November the fifth. my the revenues from the sporting goods sales tax. mmhm rededicated just a parking garage storage sites and you know something right there everybody say awww it's another tax no. it is not another tax it is a tax that was done. in the seventies Cameri something like that it was already it's already there I've been married three nineteen ninety three okay so it's already there folks this is just to make sure that our Texas parks and wildlife get all of it. not well they don't get ninety six percent the four percent will go to the state Historical Society to take care of the Alamo on all the nations and such as that and. we're not talking just a few dollars we're talking lots of money but what's bad is with the allied made this tax in ninety three. sixty percent of it's been taken by the state forty percent is been given to this our takes our parks in you know can I did the math and that's one billion dollars we've missed out on a billion dollar ones will you have thank you one billion dollars since nineteen ninety just to keep the books straight yes with their state go media. but man it was talking about earlier the that's called something else and people went to jail for that kind of stuff misappropriation of funds yeah yeah that's it but yeah. now this will go to the parks and it's going to make sure the facilities are mass. we have it and if he is here with many people as so many people with moving to Texas because Texas is such a great state. and mail we can buy more parks locked the Palo Pinto it's a state park but it needs facilities and this is something they can work they can build now with this money it's going to build better ramps it's going to build picnic areas maybe even places to your cabins in the search this is just gonna make our parks you know we have the best fishing due to our Texas parks are are are takes is our parks and wildlife the best fishing in the nation we have some of the best honey in the nation why the hell don't we have the best parks in the nation I think we're fixing to get George Bristol just made making sure and now it's up to all of us to vote prop five in in November once we broke voted in it's a constitutional amendment a hundred percent of that goes to our Texas parks and our Historical Society to make sure our. missions and such as that are kept up. how many. in Georgia I have a question for you you know out of all the perks you've you've visited and and just being here as a tax and do you have a favorite park that you love to take visit these days. yeah Georgie there hello there you go we got you. the what why man is my favorite. at that time. you know. that's what's wonderful about Texas yeah I know you use them all the time Cameri is he has so many different geological. areas to go to if you all can go out in the desert you got Monahans you want to go see Big Sky country he go to big bend state park you want to see. think it's what he's Texas you will see pine trees right you can see pantry right here in central Texas over here Bastrop state park. you want to see the guy look the coast and go fishing on coast I know that's where you're going here next week that's right and I mean one of the things that I've noticed George just is is the increasing use the increasingly use of of the park system with the increasing population of Texas and I you know I just want to thank you for forgetting this this proposition for a in front of the voters here on November fifth because it's just so important to see a lot of help January and particularly you know I don't want to go any further without making it lowers senator laws coworkers and state Rep John Syria a who got out in front on theirs kept at it they had to have a two thirds vote in the house and in the Senate and they they got. near unanimous wait what one person in the house did not sign on but. it says. what's the. written for a man does. thirty votes in the Senate and that's that's on her and it rarely happens. I would we would wait for a you know we've tried it before and it didn't work the best man there. there was a dedication on the part of a lot of people have a lot of organizations got behind it and a lot of ten mile long term but give us some time to take our message to the legislature now we're taking it to the people the polls right now look awfully good every category by and wall one Democrat Republican and the band that is over seventy percent. support for that this proposition but we've got to get the message out that were done it we've got. Texas correlation for state parks practice and we're we're gonna raise enough money to get our message out I don't think there's going to be all that much opposition to it the lan opposition is just better so low turn out proposition. all fear election. so where it we have to get on radio and television and everyone we can and get the message out about more buying. and then you and others. allowing us to be on your show. more than one kid like Billy Payne said it in writing and if you don't have them and Kim allows us to do it. it's so easy to do it I mean it's something that is a must have I love the outdoors Cameri loves the outdoors. there's so many places when we were children when we were young. you could go and talk to the guy next door Hey have thirty acres or four hundred acres in Hitler Ciccone range was not that away many more our state parks is the place of we can go and become one with nature we go out there and lay down in the field at night and look.

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