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The dell has just burst in here but these are what they are pet expert but does somebody sent it to me I think that kind of makes sense you have a dog a day I suppose god people are so cognizant and conscientious about their pets their dogs but if the dogs walking along the ground super hot that's that animal suffering daisy will just kind of start to prance a little bit you know like hot hot for two steps if it's too warm then snatcher up when she goes out on the deck on the sidewalk but be be aware of that too thank you Steve Dale for for that we started the show yesterday and the day before talking still about the president's tweets of this past weekend so they had a vote in the house of representatives yesterday and all the Democrats voted to condemn the president's words and only for the Republicans did I am so naive I thought that more Republicans would take the leap and say yeah you should miss said that but they didn't do it it's funny because impressed for statements and on their own tweets in newspaper articles a lot of the Republican congressmen and women are saying that what the president said was at least a poor choice of words but when it came to actually voting to sort of you know categorically state that they all backed off but for there was Congress nearest to us Susan Brooks in Indiana and also in Michigan Fred Upton both voted to condemn the president's words Upton said today's resolution was targeted at the specific words the frankly are not acceptable from a leader in any workplace larger small if we're going to bring stability back to the center of our politics we must speak out against inflammatory rhetoric from anyone America embraces diversity and that must continue to quote president Reagan if we ever close the door to do Americans our leadership in the world would soon be lost Susan Brooks in Indiana said yesterday I issued a statement regarding the president's recent inappropriate remarks because I believe they do not reflect American values I believe our diverse backgrounds as Americans makes are cut make our country greater and stronger these differences should be celebrated by all of us so those are two of the four not too far from here who spoke out against the president and then voted to have sort of back that up but in Illinois all of the Republican congressman and all of the Republican congressman from Illinois are men all of them voted to not condemned the president's words all of the Democrats voted to condemn the president's words you know Steve I was looking at the congressional map and you point this out every now and then to me when it comes up of things one is that Illinois is a red state even though it's the bluest surest devote it is a red state geographically all of the land in Illinois is represented by recover Republican congressman except for the strip of land between the Quad Cities in galena the very north west corner of the Mississippi River and then obviously Chicago and further into the county's than it used to be so you have that that Chicago in the suburbs and then you have northwest part of the state all the rest of the state represented by all of the rest of the state is represented by Republicans yeah I don't know I'm not the one who told you to read so I wouldn't color red state though no but you but here here's what you do tell me this is what I was thinking of when I said that and when you do look at the shape of the congressional districts they are the most yeah czar looking things they make no sense our districts I mean if ever there is a state that looks like I don't know what our congressional representation would be like I think I might quickly is distracted includes Wrigley Field in Carbondale right it is just about what is it's Jim kiss I think goes from Rockford down to Pontiac and just kind of a war angles its way along there if it's not him because it's one of them and in the more I looked out the more is it in this is not such a problem down state because it's just these massive grabs of land because you know everybody in each congressional district has the same number of people so they get massive south of Peoria this just a few of them and then you get into the Chicago area of course are much much smaller and tighter and when you get into the collar counties of Chicago the northern half of the state it's it's not it's it's the weirdest looking things you look at those and goes huh I wonder what's up here I know they rigged it so that they'll get the votes they need that's what it is and that's the way illinois' shaped okay so whatever so all of the Republican none of the Republicans voted to condemn the president's words although they see us and I've been back and forth with some of their PR people and actually has two by producer this week talking to them and they sent me the press releases or point out what was said in a newspaper article and I said okay if they said that why didn't they vote that way and I haven't heard back from them on that congressman lahood of Peoria you're a good man where are you Sir this from the bell view news Democrat that's down state where Jimmy Connors was born by the way bill view I know that's build build build and that's where he was born in Belleville congressman Mike bost for Murfreesboro that's downstate way downstate these words were wrong and I disagree with them it is unfortunate they may serve as a distraction from the important job we have to end this crisis secure our borders and keep the American people safe the Boston downstate he voted though not to condemn the President Johnson kiss from Collinsville so now he's not the guy from Rockford well you could make the argument I would imagine that you know you can disagree with the the comments but not think it it rises to the level of congressional condemnation it's a slap on the wrist anyway you know it's no big deal I think the only reason not to is because you're afraid that then your constituents will say Hey you've got to go with the president no matter what he does as he drives the truck off the cliff we all want to be on it with him couldn't I mean think about this for a second if you were a Republican especially if you're in Collinsville or Peoria or Murphy's borough any just anywhere but the Chicago area if you're a cut a Republican congressman from the state of Illinois you're good you have nothing to worry about Jack I don't know maybe a primary run but all that so are you telling me that you are so afraid the you'll be challenged in a primary that if when the president says this thing which is just to some of you is the most deplorable thing this this president has said you're afraid to just vote to condemn those words you don't lose any money the president still gets to be president there's zero consequences except when they said everybody raise your hand that doesn't like what the president said you did not raise your hand raise your hand what's what's the worst that could happen you're still going to represent your district I don't understand do not understand it John shin kiss from Collinsville said I regularly hear from constituents including during by visits last week with area farmers that president trump's tweets often her rather than help his agenda and while I share the president's frustration with the dangerous open borders amnesty an anti law enforcement policies pushed by far left house Democrats this was not a good tweet so that's his hard is shin kiss will step down on that and again he's a southern Illinois congressman he doesn't represent the Chicago area another one from downstate this would be more central Illinois Taylorville US representative Rodney Davis cautioned against the use of extreme rhetoric and referred to when a gunman from near Belleville shot a Republican shot Republican members of Congress practicing on the softball field in suburban Washington DC remember here was there yeah yeah and so Davis says quote we saw the outcome of over the top political rhetoric in twenty seventeen one Republican members of Congress including myself were shot at on a baseball field I disagree with the rhetoric used by president trump personal attacks do more harm than good and allow the harmful policies being pushed by far left members of the democratic caucus to be ignored so most of them are saying that the reason I mean two of these I would interpret is to say that you know the worst of the president's words is not them on their face value but rather simply that they distract from the work that they're trying to do to fight the evil Democrats was itching case in Davis you just read those were basically the US interesting the same statement yeah they are very similar so I wonder if there was a direction like here's got here's our rotating that's to all published in the Belleville news Democrat again Belleville where Jimmy Connors and my sister were born okay enough about that one twenty five on WGN still more to talk about colluding with just with the Chicago River because they're going to have a Chicago River swim kinda like hike that would drive or bike the driver you get to ride your bike up and down that let's go swimming in the river we'll tell you how when where that's going to.

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