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One of the things is that you really have to always remind yourself to be honest and authentic, and that authentic piece comes with being honest and so many times we think we're being honest and then if you really dig in, you realize maybe I wasn't being as honest as I thought I was. So as a coach, you need to be totally honest upfront. And you need it need to be listening to your client to and picking up clues as to how honest they're being because sometimes they think they're being honest but they're really not. So this whole honesty pieces is really huge and and then you need to be listening and noticing your own emotions as you move through this because your emotions will will send you. Signals as to how you're doing and you know it's okay if you have fear as a coach with this client as to where you're going or maybe you're you're you're worried about, maybe you got some anger because this coach hasn't really shown a lot or this client hasn't really shown a lot of respect or whatever it is. So you need to be able. To identify those emotions, notice them and let them happen because in our society, we tend to too often suppress the emotions and then it just makes a bigger problem. So I I heard a couple of things here I think a really important I want to kind of wrap this portion of the show with this and any comments that you have on this is that. By being present, we're in a better position to give honest feedback. One of the things that you were also talking about the emotions we have. So as a coach, you know, sometimes we have an emotion of fear. You know even fear that this client might leave if we're to honest with them. Right if we if we tell them the truth as best we see it, and so we have to simultaneously be aware that we might be afraid and yet we think it's in our clients. Best interests to say you know it sounds to me like fill in the blank, right it sounds to me like maybe this is what's going on which is inviting them to transform at a higher level inviting them because it's only through that honesty that I think real transformation can occur in a coaching relationship. Yeah you're absolutely right and by noticing our own emotions, we'll start to notice there's more as well and we can learn so much about our client by noticing their emotions and encouraging them to let those emotions happened talk about it just go with it not try to suppress it like I said earlier we're here with Bruce Langford he's an expert in mindfulness is one of the authors of the best selling book crack, the Success Code, and we've been having a really interesting discussion about how by being more mindful as a coach or mentor consultant. You.

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