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And care for over fifty years learn more about research education and support at Crohn's colitis foundation dot org sixty nine degrees under cloudy skies deep karez WBZ's traffic on the threes here's the four day WBZ accu weather forecast mostly cloudy skies early this morning a couple showers mainly south of Boston a few patches of father will sixty five later today damp and dreary clouds to start then turning out partly sunny breezy by this afternoon and humid perhaps a stray shower I denture near eighty button in the upper sixties on the Cape and islands couple showers and thunderstorms into tonight and early Saturday morning lows in the mid sixties less humid than by Saturday afternoon with a high seventy eight more sunshine for Sunday with a high near seventy eight I'm accu weather meteorologist Matt Benz WBZ Boston news radio good morning I'm John Huff here's what's happening coronavirus concerns prompting the cancellation of the Boston Marathon more from WBZ's Suzanne sauce will for the first time in its one hundred twenty four year history the Boston Marathon has been completely canceled the issues surrounding the corona virus continue to be urgency to be challenging and perhaps worst of all ever changing Boston athletic association.

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