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All the hopes and dreams of a lifetime at stake and with everything on the line, nobody But nobody Wants to come in second place. Because hair battle in the universe step judgment, storytelling with a beat right after this very short, frank like me to say it. Snap Stay Live from NPR news. I'm Barbara Klein. President Biden has departed from several of his predecessors and fulfilled a campaign pledge today, formally recognizing the mass killing of Armenians, beginning in 1915 as a genocide, the U. S has long avoided the term out of concern that it could further strained relations with Turkey. A temporary pause on Johnson and Johnson's Corona virus vaccine has been lifted. It's now available for use as NPR's Windsor Johnston reports, The Food and Drug Administration had suspended the shots to examine reports of rare blood clots. CDC advisory panel voted to resume the use of the single dose vaccine. Nearly two weeks after the FDA suspended the shots. CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky says the benefits of the J and J vaccine outweigh the extremely low risk of blood clots. The science supports this news and I know that this is welcome news for many as many have wanted the Johnson and Johnson vaccine to fill an important need in vaccination efforts here and around the world, the FDA says. A causal relationship between the vaccine and blood clots is plausible. In response, the agency says it will add a warning label, noting that most cases have occurred in women between the ages of 18 and 49. Windsor Johnston. NPR news New Canadian government modeling shows Corona virus variants now account for more than half of new infections. Dan Carp in Chuck has more from Toronto, health officials say. Within two weeks, the number of cases could hit just under 1.3 Million, officials say Canada has seen a strong resurgence of covert 19 infections, driven mainly by variants of concern. Average increase has been more than 8400 new cases a day. But projections also show that strict measures are beginning to slow the rapid growth of the number of cases. Dan Carp in Chuck in Iran, No Nearly 1/5 of a county sheriff's department in coastal North Carolina, has been placed on leave or resigned since the fatal shooting of a black man there this week. NPR's Sarah McCammon reports from Elizabeth City. The passport in county Sheriff's Office says three deputies have resigned for reasons not related to the death of Andrew Brown Jr on Wednesday. Seven others are on paid administrative leave. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and the Elizabeth City Council are calling on officials to release body camera footage from the fatal shooting, which took place while officials were trying to carry out a warrant. Councilman Michael Brooks says council members are preparing to petition a judge to release the video. We got to do more than given the greed and family worse, they want to see some action to wars what they will consider justice for their loved one North Carolina's stay pure. Rule of investigation has taken charge of the investigation. Sarah McCammon, NPR NEWS Elizabeth City This is NPR and this is W. N. Y. C in New York. I'm David first with a green light from federal health officials. Several states resumed use of the one shot Johnson and Johnson Corona virus vaccine today. Among the states ordering or recommending a resumption, where New York and New Jersey the moves came swiftly after a U. S. Health officials said last night that they were lifting an 11 day pause on vaccinations using the change a vaccine. During the pause, Scientific advisors decided the vaccines benefits outweigh the risk of a rare blood clot. Portrait's of seven undocumented immigrants who lost their lives to covert are currently on display in SoHo. The project is called immigrants are essential, and each person is represented with auras around their heads of visual device typically reserved for saints. Images are accompanied with oral histories of each person's life Parallel. Mendoza is the artist behind the project. She says she wants it to serve as a call to action. I hope that people mourn the dead. More on those that we blast. I'm not just those that are undocumented, but the over half a million people who have died and then I'm asking them to fight for the people that are alive and fight for the 11 million undocumented immigrants that need access to citizenship. The project will be on display until Monday. Rapper DMX will be more into the memorial with the family and friends at the Barclays Center. It's happening at the Brooklyn Arena this afternoon at four The event will be closed to the public due to the pandemic, but the ceremony will be live streamed on. DMX is.

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