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KTAR news time is eight forty five and coming up at nine. It's Bruce St James family. Huge Jamie want me to write a horse inside. Johnson. Bruce bruises here. The answer is. Yes, I'll do it. But what is okay? Medieval times, I'm familiar with. I've never been medieval times is opening up. Okay. And they're they're going to have a Jim Carrey movie casting a casting call a week from tomorrow. What do we need? So she's I think she wants to be like a joust. You're right. All off a horse without being stuck in the chest with a snake? You can have a whole section cheering for you waving their Turkey, drumsticks, or whatever. Oh, yeah. No, no. I'm going to be a pass on that. Yeah. But hey, I think just saying has off you want to go out and be a server exactly go recruit out the renaissance. Right. I was thinking. Hey, I know you're gonna talk about the the latest on the Glendale teasing going away is it. No, it's not and the mayor of Glendale is weighing in. And if I am to understand his stance on it. He's concerned for the safety of the general public which sounds like he certainly not on the side of the police in this case. And I'm trying to read it. I'm trying to parse words, I'll grant you that. And we know that Bill Montgomery is the the. Attorney paul. Is taking another look at this. Whatever that kind of terminology means so. It appears that a lot of people took a look at it. The first time around it's unclear if there's any new information. But now that it's public everybody all of a sudden has a new camera angles. As we understand it. The county attorney that there is there was no new information. They had all of the video they had everything to begin with and chose not to do anything. Then they're now choosing to look at it again because of the public outcry. I texted the county attorney this this morning, and he hasn't had a chance to get back to me. No, no, no. I'm just saying because I want because I wanted I wanted to clarification on this because it's it's it's Johnny week. Cross attorney who told ABC fifteen that he was told by Bill Montgomery that they're going to read the game of telephone going on. So it was like third hands fair enough. Yeah. Yeah. But there appears to be some pressure. I mean, that's not we don't need to make that up. There is pressure out there right now to national story to take a look at what the video is is beyond the pale. It'd be video is what it is. You know? I mean, you you you can you can look at it. And. I think majority of people look at it say uncomfortable with that. Yeah, uncomfortable with that. Is that what we want police doing? That's the question is that how you is that how you want to be policed. The very latest on that. Incredible tasing incident out of Glendale.

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