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To play him again, we should bring him on again in the playoffs. Even we'll bring him on again. My thing I don't want to because he actually looks okay. You come on out 22 after the hour 55 54 times coming out of the morning. We do that as a joke. We're making fun of other radio stations that are like that he thought were actually like that. I think I think so. I mean, I think so. But still, he basically thought it was a goof of a time and he had a blast doing it and the fact that he realized we've done that station before. Now he gets to do what that Bob guy used to do. He said. He kind of liked being on the horn. All right. I I I'll take it. I love it, but you weren't even there appear. I wasn't there for Chrissy Taylor will put you on a horse that's going on. We're watching the an accord of standing on a ferry run The sandwich in the Yakama is running about 2025 minutes behind schedule. It's been behind most of the day because of the fog. Also watching this reconcile, while 5 39 north of just south of 10 Mile Road that's taking up Elaine. We have a new rec on south and a five near 78th for drivers in the Southwest. Art of Washington, and we also have a lot of heavy traffic still just kind of hanging on north on four or five as we get closer to the ballplayer highway from just getting out of Kirkland south, four or five is crawling from 5 20 most of the way in towards Newcastle 5 29 90 wide open Dry Valley Freeway, still trying to recover from some earlier issues out near Willis and things were still pretty heavy on that North 95 commute. Outside of Lake City Way and heading into shore line from an earlier crash. Cairo Radio Real time traffic I'm Tracy Taylor. A traffic accident could be a real headache. So let's fix auto collision centers help fix Otto has locations throughout the greater Seattle area called 1 800. Info Fix to find locations nearest you Corona virus coverage,.

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