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We've got a plan to get to a lot of news. So here's my first pitch. First pitch is the news that broke in the Friday news dump with the White Sox general manager Rick Khan issued the following statement today regarding Michael Cho Pak Michael Kopeck has informed us of his decision to not participate in the 2020 season. We recognize that reaching this decision is incredibly difficult for any competitive athlete and organization is understanding and supportive. We will work with Michael to assure his development continues throughout 2020 and we look forward to welcoming him back into our clubhouse with a 2021 season that's from Ric Kahn, the general manager for the White Sox. The other news regarding the White Sox. Tonight is Johan Moncada. We were wondering where Moncada has been whether or not Moncada would be able to start the season on time. Lot of head scratching about that, and now it's confirmed. That the White Sox have placed Moncada along with right handed pitcher Jose Ruiz on the 10 day injured list, so too early three big news items for the White Sox Cup of injuries and then kopeck saying no to the 2020 season. Well. My initial reaction of this an hour ago when it broke from the White Sox Twitter account at white socks is that this is not surprising. That's surprising because as we have discussed your on the baseball show, there are number of baseball players and athletes and other sports the N B, A and H L and others. They're not sure whether or not they should be playing during this pandemic. I don't turn a blind eye to kopeck or others that decided they don't want to play because it's a personal choice of these teams. And these organizations have given the athlete the opportunity to choose where that they want to play through this or not, Kopeck says No, and he's looking forward to the 2021 season. I told Mark Silverman Sylvie just moments ago that a Zay look at it. The White Sox As is without kopeck have an opportunity to compete. There could be a play off team here for 2020 has a lot of things have to fall in the right direction. We're going from a pitching standpoint, the socks of pretty much set. You have kopeck Who's learning on the job trying to get better? It would just be gravy on top of that great stake of a starting rotation for the White Sox. So kopeck out also Moncada on the 10 they injured list for the Chicago White Sox will keep our eyes on Moncada and exactly when he's going to return because with some of the improvements for the White Sox Last year. My Kada definitely was in that team photo players that really turned it on for the White Sox last year, so every year We look for improvements form our teams and 2020 should be no different If Major League Baseball can get the regular season in It's gonna be weird for 60 games. It's not 81 games. It's not 162 games. It's 60. But no matter how many games that we will be able to enjoy, we would be able to have some semblance of baseball. And I'm all for that. As a baseball fans. We talk about this on the baseball show presented by Goose on and beer company, Jonathan Hood on ESPN. 1000. So even with 60 games, I want to see improvement on both sides of town. So I was thinking about a few things coming into tonight. Show that really would love to see. Maybe maybe I won't get it because the season starts this month, and everything is odd, But here goes Fromthe White Sox standpoint, A number of things I want to see is something called instant replay. So from American League hit King Tim Anderson think about where he was a couple of years ago and where he was last year. Tim Anderson going for most having a slash line up to 40 to 81 0610 PS plus of 87 To being the hit King going to hit 3 35 3 57 508 and o PS Plus of 1 29 I mean, that's a huge jump from a 2 40 100 to a 3 35 hitter, right? I mean, that means the ball is a beach ball every time he sees it, and he was feeling it with the swagger and the personality. You just came into his own. As a white socks and as a hitter last year, so is to replay for that is to replay for you on Moncada. We just talked about him on the 10 data's injured list, But you think about the incremental change having a slash line of 2 35 3 15 400 with O PS plus off 96 then Last year. Going from again to 35 hitter to 3 15 Having a slash. Line 3 15 3 60 75 48 0 ps plus of 1 41 The other numbers that really would illustrate. How terrific Both of these players were. But just the point is, is that it was pretty special to see those two be able hit the baseball as well as they did. I'll just use Giolito, for example is well, here's a guy here that When you're looking to be able to have building blocks for your organization you want need to have quality pitching and you look atyou lead a couple years ago, he walked, walked the ballpark. It 90 walks two years ago. He had 57 last year. 10 13 A couple years ago 49 last year gave 118 runs two years ago, gave up 67 last year. You can see how Giolito grew before very eyes last year. And one of the point to make about that, right, Anderson Marcano Giolito. There's other examples of the Sox growth with some of their young players, but that was a 72 in Ball club last year. As 1/3 place 70 to win Ball club last year, so players that can give you quality production like that on a losing team can make any fan optimistic for 2020 His other examples of progress on the Sox. But that has to be an instant replay for the socks to even compete in the 60 games that we're talking about. From the Cubs standpoint, the third place finish. We talked about a couple nights ago on TBS. The third place fish. Still a head scratcher from me, because when I do see that roster, there are a lot ofthe managers, not organizations that look at this roster and say, Man, What can I do with Contreras? What would I do with bayous and Rizzo, the veteran president Rizzo and having Chris Brian on the team? I was looking at the downturn of some of the offensive stats for the Cubs, so last year slash line as a team to 52 3 31 4 52 slugging Down to 45 stolen bases from 60 60 a few years ago, just 45 stolen bases last year. And I know that the seam heads of today We'll talk about some of these stats that a lot of us grew up with and say, Well, those stats don't matter what they think. All stats matter. I think all of the matter is far as you being able to measure whether they're advanced. That's or the traditional stats that we look at. They all matter and they're all a measuring stick to find out. If you're getting better from year to year, 45 stone bases I still believe in being able to take the extra base if you can. If you have the speed on the team, I don't care what your metric say Stealing bases. Putting pressure on the defense still matters to me in 2020 S so you're down to 45 stolen basis with the Cubs 66. A couple of years ago. Your down and hits you're not extra base hits from a couple years ago, but yet last year there was an uptick in home runs. Cub's going for 167 home runs for 3 56 and hire the R B i category. So when I read some of the good and bad of the book, good and questionable for the Cubs last year under Mattan The offense and with the Cubs seemingly have been kind of in a two year slump. Changing the hitting coaches and the answer..

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