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I do think that this will be a part of our portfolio We hired a principal and she's hired from teachers and today we started off with a five students because again the students have to be referred and there's special Referral the referral process. And where except. We're being innovative. And i told the virtual school staff The other day as they're going to be some bumps along this road. This is a brand new endeavor for us and welcome to the roller coaster. We're gonna get through this together. We're gonna create. We're going to be innovative in and how we do this and we're going to meet the needs of individual students. So i'm thinking about masks to superintendent Statewide mask mandate was issued on the twenty fifth of august for students and staff in massachusetts public schools. You had a letter from a couple of days before leading a families know that you want there to be masks but we also know there had been some open discussion that the state was going to do this. So had you planned ahead of the state to require masks and and if so why was that an important step to take. I had already. I didn't know that the state was going to issue a math mandate Won the state did our when desi did I was already moving in that direction because of our community and in conversation with multiple stakeholders and talking to our families so when i went to my school committee i said here is my recommendation that we universal masking and then the following week. School committee voted to approve the universal masking. And then i think it was a couple of days later. The department desi and the commissioner went ahead and made the mandate so we were. We were just ahead a little bit ahead. It's a conversation that i had been having With multiple stakeholders over the summer..

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