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Macos what's up today on the noble he has a oh man upi whoa no mm yep the hey no one rule it will be i'll be down five hand oh what oh man the reason them payne we these so it's larry's turned to jews are vacation this year a stop i know i know but he did good he did really good it was fun he chose a carnival crews touring the beaches of mexico so i figure there's that but there's also breakfast on the deck with that oceanview and sunning poolside in this little cantina with homemade tortillas and an outdoor world pool in this amazing cano bar and a casino and there's a lip sync battle turns out larry's awful at singing even when it's fake and the cameras cheese he could see tape lunch and kabul all snorkeling in kabul and massages and live shows and four core steakhouse dinners and movies from the pool under the stars and kariuki in my ties they handle this.

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