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Started approaching me with it. I'm really good guys. The court records show. He played guilty to intimidation with a weapon released after a couple weeks in jail on Lee to be arrested three months later for allegedly assaulting three people at Pike Market immediately released from jail and is out of custody because of a court system that is hemorrhaging municipal court. Is not doing any out of custody arrangements or you can't start the whole criminal process until someone's been arraigned, and so we have to fix all parts of it. We checked since November. 525 cases of people being charged with a crime, sometimes violent, have not made their first appearance before a judge the arraignment. And are walking the streets, including one touch your kindness for the alleged assaults that Pike market nine months ago way have historic levels of backlogs at the King County Superior District and Seattle municipal courts for many reasons, including the need to social distance in jail, which means fewer inmates are normal. Pre cove in backlog of felony cases that have been filed but not yet resolved. Hovered around 3000 were probably about 7000 when it could be 10,000 before we get back to work in in the middle of the summer on the arrests aren't stopping. Judges say that jam up means people waiting to be arraigned are committing more crimes. This is what one judge saw. Just one day last week. I'll be close toe 10 people who had felonies pending that they had been released on and yet they're still breaking into people's homes. Well, they're they're at in a political push, not to jail people accused of lesser misdemeanor crimes. What is the future of jails? I think we've learned particularly during this pandemic that there are an awful lot of folks. You don't need to be in jail but are in jail. Also add in a long term money saving push by King County executive doubt Constantine to shut down the jail only to the most serious offenders. The pressure not to send people to jail right now is huge. I can't overstate the magnitude of the problem. We just missed way. Our prosecutors office dismissed every non violation system. It would take a summer's to get through the violent. You gotta prosecutors only taking the most serious cases now, in a unique way. We do have AH formula an algorithm that we've developed to make help us make the best decisions about which Of those hundreds and hundreds of potential cases we could file that we should file which may explain why protest ng Vandals even if they do serious property damage, they're breaking windows of their being violent. They need to be held accountable may never see jail time in Seattle. Matt Markovich Cuomo News Come on news time. 6 20 Times for the propel Insurance Money Update. The nation's unemployment rate fell slightly. In January, The jobless rate fell 4/10 of a percent to 6.3% Thean Khanna Me restored on Lee about 49,000 jobs in January. Analysts say the labor market is still reflecting the impact of the pandemic. Job gains and professional and business services and education were largely offset by losses in leisure and hospitality. Here in Washington, new jobless claims have dropped slightly just over 16,000 new One employment claims were filed last week. That's down just over 2% from the week before. A number of continuing claims went up last week by nearly 2%. It's now just over 463,000 statewide unemployment rate is now it's 7.2% trying to anticipate which way the numbers will go on Wall Street this morning, it looks like they're headed in the positive direction. The Dow futures are up more than half a percent or 173 points. Come on These times. 6 21, We'll get back to Kira and check traffic and weather. Next Homo news radio podcast.

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