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And found last year at the two thousand seventeen golden globes where meryl streep was granted an award i think it was the cease will be diminished word but they've changed his name to cecil b demille and last night seth meyer's said oprah was winning the cecil b demille award and he's a little joke he said what an honor this is four cecil b demille for oprah to be winning his is a work last year meryl streep now seth meyer's this this is why nobody's going to see movies in the theaters anymore because hollywood no longer has any original thoughts they ran out of original thoughts some time ago meryl streep at last year's golden globe with the same joke about trump and the hollywood foreign press all of us in this room really belong to the most vilified segments in american society right now think about it really hollywood foreigners and the press it was last year's joke recycled come on guys have an original thought wow and then of course everything has to be about and there was a lot of stuff about race because that's what they're all about their democrats allows us oh look at the clock a lot of stuff about race and and guilty white liberal stuff and a certain amount of the sexist thing and they're all doing a call by maricopa and and some shots at white people because that's in vogue these days with the left today they love racism and they just modified the democrat party's old racist playbook may have up candidate in ways that i think will benefit them at the polling places but i'll get into i'll get into that and of course michael wolff who broke the anti trump book if it's possible to talk out of threes sides of one's mouth michael wolff is currently in the process of doing just that there's only one chris flat doug chris plante show ludi lin the national debt is now over twenty trillion dollars what happens next rising inflation drops in the dollar's value some experts say another crashes coming you can fight this not with stocks.

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