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Her response to impress the editors she was asked to write an article for the dispatch and her new article the girl puzzle landed her a fulltime job what to dispatch the editor created this new pseudonym nelly bly for which being a newspaper editor he actually fucking misspelled witnesses soon on him he chemists peletier ended up in named it after a popular song head just got it wrong get this side it the reason i can't smells because everything i write is a suit of fat no nuts humanistic velde sudafed his show meta it's so matter i love that makes sense because all of his essay should be behind glass should have to get permission to film tonelli began her career writing about the role of women factory workers a job than in the garbage time late 1800s and strangely the current 2000s was a miserable difficult life and the results like reconstruction greater awesome now as a result use was to cover the women's pages which meant riding fluffed pieces that noone really cared about the citation needed story which are secure all here so at the age of twenty while so no one listened to care about everyone who listen to the show is on it it's a fine then it's weird when five people masturbate at once you think we can help each other out i don't know i don't see how that's where the age of twenty or you're not an fraternity.

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