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We could reduce a abuse it But it it's coming together. That's going to do it. You know watching binge watching the Star Trek that I? Didn't watch it back in the nineties and I'm seeing a lot of water buddies on it. You know. It's really like every other episode I someone I know is very but they you know explain to new civilizations that they meet that you know. We've serrated hunger. We've we'd there are no more. There's no more starvation. There's no more you know they've moved on. To on so many levels we don't use money anymore right? These high concepts of Gene Roddenberry a planted the seed for in carried on through those stories and it's I, think it's Kinda cool to aspire to even though it science fiction. You know these things. Come about eventually hopefully, almost all science fiction ended up being science fact eventually it's odd but it's true and and that kind of it's one of those things in you know either people have incredible insight or is it just lucky but Thirtieth anniversary of back to the future to. What. Predictions came about you know an and several did several from the film dead you know the the Three, the glasses that marlene is wearing to she's on the phone and watching television at the same time or a multiple channels on the. Lot of the different. Elements things future thinking. Inventions have come about in some are close. You know people have done versions of the hover boards that work and flying 'cause. There was a flying car back in the fifties right now. Burned unfortunately in the A. Eros whatever amusing down in San Diego I remember it it. It could fly could be vote and a car the wings folded up on top of the car and It was there and I think burned in the fire. You know about thirty years ago when I used to love the the commercial where the guy drove the car into the water, it became a boat that that was tickle. Again. It's been really you know before i. Let you know where over an hour I, just want to because you mentioned about having the work and not being set for life. And Robbie risks on somebody actually asked him if he was set to life and before he could even answer that I laughed at it and I kind of scold them like are you kidding me? You never have to stop working unless you're one of these people who just got really super fortunate to get paid thirty million dollars for a movie or even those people they have bigger bills but I think it's Important for aspiring actors and people want to live the life that you have to really have a realistic expectation and understand that there are ups and downs financially with all of it and that idea of set for life that most of America outside of Hollywood things for people like you are. Well, he's been in movies and television you must be he and I think that feeds in by the way to their. Attitude where they don't have a right to have a political opinion because they don't really work for a living they go on and do a half an hour and they just become filthy rich for just. Acting like playing anything. Overnight success is really take twenty years. The Thing I say to. All My students or people that asked me you know about show business is that you know if you're in it for. Fame and fortune you're dealt it. It's. Going in it for the wrong reason, you'd want to go in to storyteller. To elevate consciousness to work at the height of your intelligence. So others will learn and be enlightened. Once again, making a living in the businesses really really really hard on and A. I. Don't recommend that anyone go into it for the fame and fortune. You know you see the reality players you know the become famous because they know how to shop right. I think I think we're better than that. I think that's You know. Kind of ridiculous of reality TV is pretty upsetting to me especially as an actor I've. Losing losing a lot of work I think but nonetheless, I, I'm blessed because I get to work. Now during the pandemic I've done a lot of zoomed productions done a Shakespearean play. I did a duck brown in a version Shakespearean version of back to the future broadcast through a company in London that is working its way through Shakespeare on an. Called the the show must go online. I I've worked. Doing some teaching a through them it's Not Nothing's really paying very well but. At least I'm doing my creative, my creative stuff I got this recently a fan, some of those Guinea see what that is if somebody upside down, but what is it that a hanging upside down? That's the characterised it's not. A requirement from Baxter two to. Three D. printed that I finally got an action figure that looks like Three D. Printing. Wow. Cool stuff. Well, you know your insight in in your knowledge of the business and all that stuff has been like really I could talk to you for like three hours on this stuff along. talked. No. I'm hoping that folks I I'm hoping. I know that I'm not an authority. I'm just an actor but I have my opinions and I don't think I'm wrong. A lot of things are our hopefully people will just. Create some more flexibility and open their hearts a little more. Passion and start. Not Denying each other's realities but other get along again is You know. Together we're strong divided in kind of weak and on another note if if you like the photo from Pale rider. Or back to the future two or three three get. And what do a scarecrow Mrs King we're getting up anyway, if you want an autographed picture, you can write me through Jeffrey DOT COM or. On twitter, it's at Jags Weisman W. E. I S. N. on Instagram it's at Jeffrey Weissman M on Facebook at Jeffrey Weissman actor and thank you for letting me do a pitch. Oh anytime. I would say we've had the website up the time I got to even mention it it shift. Weisman. That come of course all the just mentioned will be in the description nice and easy for people to click on Jeffey Man I. It's been such a pleasure to get to know you to hear some of these stories and like I said I, you know I could talk to you for for days because it this, Insp inspiration. A thank you for having me on Matt and and next time you know I can sing and dance. I can do monologue cited before. I can talk more about the career I've got you know forty five years of it to two hour. I WanNa hear some Groucho if you come back. I more than happy to. Welcome back anytime and I really appreciate your.

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