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I wonder if maggie give him notes afterward us richard let's hear competition must even your now what would you guys talk about we talked about ocho we talked about working with bone joonho we talked about the problem you know the sort of the the the political messaging in the movie he's just a he came in you know we'd be spoken person who's rings fabulous long blue coat just a really nice smart guy who you know had a lot to say about municipal movie that's who you know set in south korea it's by korean director and he himself as a koreanamerican so we had a lot to say about that which i thought was what's interesting all right let's hear conversation with stephen yet so i'm here is steven young thank stephen for being here thank you uh new you're on this kind of crazy pressed her for oklahoma the bomb jinho film that will be on netflixing later this month so i want talked about a lot of things involving this movie but first of all it was just a can had you been too can before um i had not been the cannes film festival ira into can for something else just to go yeah um but yeah this is my first time for their for the festival so how did that feel with this big movie preparing my what was your experience like it was awesome you know i think um it's agency in a lot of ways i think he was really cool to kinda like have that be my first towed dip into that world i mean i'm in the film with some pretty amazing people and i'm so lucky in that way so yeah they were great to like they just kinda like helped me through the situation you can is very very.

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