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That is jay johnson. That's the former department homeland security secretary under barack obama and that was back in april of two thousand nineteen. So now we're talking about he. He was like over. A thousand is a bad day so thirty thousand month. Approximately and now under the biden administration just breaking records while the media remained silent. One hundred eighty eight thousand illegal crossings in one month over six times. The number that jay. Johnson said he would be concerned about. This is a stunning. Let me go to the lines. Real quick we have shannon in north carolina. Shannon you've got the mic over tall. Hey how's it going let's see As far as Biden is concerned He doesn't want The cubans here. Because i think i might have feared this out. Didn't catch all the show but he didn't want to cubans because they will be able to tell people what communism does and they will vote republican and Let's see the other issue I'm trying to remember i. I'm desktop to the grocery store. Let's see Well you're you're gone. Blank are no no no. You're fine. you're absolutely right a did cover that you're you're absolutely right. I mean they the cuban the. I'm sorry the cuban people would be able to share the harshness and the horrors of communism. And that's exactly why the democrats don't want them here. There's no if answer buts about it. I mean these people can if biden wanted to help the cuban people and just provide access as far as internet access is concerned. They could do that. I've heard guantanamo bay there. They could make it happen and that would be a big help so that the people there are informed. The people there know what's going on. No you know what to expect. And so they biden administration. They're letting at the left is the one thing about this election. The left is letting us know exactly who they are. We're seeing clarity on every issue. Do they care about human suffering in cuba. No do they care about human suffering on the southern border no again. The number of of bodies remains have been found. You know have been exceeding numbers in in several years past. They don't care about these people they care about Power garcia navarro goes on to acid. Just wanna finish this up. Because i just think the numbers are pretty amazing garcia navarro of npr goes on a to ask this gentleman David shore of the open. Labs are indeed progressive nonprofit group So the logic. I guess follows the talking about highly. Partisan issues like immigration for example is in a winning formula. In fact most hispanics wouldn't necessarily put immigration at the top of their list of priorities for reform. Why then is the democrat party trying so hard to push these issues and then this gentleman shore david shore goes on to say There's been a really big change. In how democrats. Talk that you know. Democrats historically were seen as this kind of coalition party You know we have this broad. Mix and here he goes. This is where he explains that we have this broad mix of conservative black and hispanic voters and we have white liberals we have the working class white people and you know we try to find language that makes everybody happy but i think with the rise of online donations with the rise of social media. This has really changed. The incentive structure how democratic politicians get ahead. This is why people like can have so much power within the democrat party because she has so much poll on social media and the left knows it. She had donors behind it. They know it so she can force the party left. And that's exactly what's happening this guy cau- but it's scaring some people away all right when we get back. This is carl jackson for larry elder. We'll talk about mass mandate in los angeles will back in a few. Carl jackson will be back on. The larry elder show. Now here's special. Guest carl jackson on the larry elder show. I.

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