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Vengeance vengeance. It's basically Sam Jackson right before he puts them all. And Brad's big brain. When the sixth seal is opened. There is a great earthquake. The sun is blacked out on the moon turns to blood I put a marker down here and say the sun is going to spend a lot of time getting blacked out from now on just one point of order. Yeah. So the saints that died the martyrs for Christ. Yeah. Calling for revenge. So that's that's totally that's a rewrite from the original. Because they a lot of these people went to their deaths willingly. Basically what they're they're under. They're saying like how long must we, you know, be here martyrs until you've you avenge the deaths that we will walk into your again, you're asking this to make sense along strategy. Well, I just found that one little flaw in the narrative. Well, yeah, you seem to hit on the on on a weird anomaly of a of a narrower so far it was with it smooth sailing. We can fix that up in the rewrite. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We'll fix it in post. What's funny is that I never I I don't know. I've never read this part of the bible. But I've heard plenty about the four horsemen of the hawk lips. I always imagine them writing together. Like like like the raves of the of of they will earth. There's an answer to that. Yeah. And like any good writer. He sets up he's setting up our characters we're getting to know them getting deep into what motivates them. They're all behind separate seals for right now right now. But I guess we just opened the seal. Other mingling with the beasts and like and the seal is a book. Right. It's a. Yeah. So it's like a sealed portion of a book, so they're ripping open these seals. So there's there are literally men on horseback in the book, but they're not they're not written in the book. They're just guys in the most fucked up version of the beginning the opening credits of reading rainbow. Right. That's exactly Burton and bit. And he opened the seal. And it was a. Death the bearer of Papp's, and we and and and he held in it was death. But. Okay. So the six seals open. The sun is blacked out the moons turn to blood the stars fall from the heavens and the mountains and islands are all shaking out of place all the men of the earth from kings on down fleet into caves and beg the caves to collapse upon them to escape the judgment. That is to come. Look cave. I've never asked for. All right. Look. I don't know where your dick is. But I will blow you suck your dick. If you're just collapse just this once so that's how oh my God. Oh, you kill yourself. Exactly Pekka cave to collapse. Jesus Christ as we enter chapter seven John is clearly regretting eating that last cap because we are really really going off the rails still in the six six seal. John cease four angels at the four corners of the earth holding back the four winds because what a globe has is four right. That in Genesis. It's hospital corners another angel sends from the east telling the four angels not to hurt the earth until he's had a chance to brand the servants of God on the forehead, how many servants will get the apocalyptic seal of approval one hundred and forty four thousand. Yeah. Wait, wait because I have listened to enough got up movies episodes to know that the Christians are terrified of being branded in the final. I know. Right. Well, this is this is Mark of salvation rather than the Mark of the beast. I'm just saying any Mark, right? You hear about these? If you mentioned Mark like government marking the people or anybody marking the people it's the. Thing they've ever heard over. That's the beast that Satan? No the March. That's happening is the good Mark. That's right. You want to be marked? Yeah. Jesus christ. You ought to be uncle, Mark. Hundred forty thousand. Mark Tech's paps. You've actually you know, where that hundred forty thousand comes. We've talked about this with Jay dubb's. I think it's twelve thousand from each of the twelve year. Exactly. Okay. Twelve thousand from each of the tribes, and that would be Judah Reuben Gad Asser Neff Nep Fulham Manassas. Simion Levi is soccer Zevulon Joseph and Benjamin. Yeah. Where's Manassas wears a from fuck off?.

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