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Just because he's a bit more favor in the betting, but I would have to simultaneous because, look, he's won three, hasn't he this season, three on the bounce. I mean, their pipe was a couple more question marks over him just the fact that he's been beaten a couple of times and he's obviously had Windsor during returning, I think he had a little injury or something. So there's probably a couple more question marks with him, but I think the Cornelius looks from the improve. So perhaps he's a bit more value. There's a part of me is almost willing to back him to win the race. See you poo. And there's another part of me that just can't get away from adagio. So we'll see. We'll see how it plays out. Thank you. And the other one hasn't. That's true. That's true. That's true, yeah. It has the experience of being to the cheltenham festival and has the experience of also running in the great wood. And that can stand them in very good stead. The betfair ascot Chase went to Ireland. For Mark Walsh and Joseph O'Brien, he really had to dug it out, finally industrial back and third with two for gold in second. What did you make of the performance? Yeah, great, great performance, wasn't it? From faculty do destruct, but I think Pacquiao who? Sorry, I was faculty. We've got Fannie and the best of our in there as well, haven't we the Venetian William talks? Yes, we do yet. Well, he actually he actually ran pretty well. I thought, third, because he sat, he sat out the back into the whole race, but yeah, I thought this was a very solid performance from the Joseph Bryan horse back he did a degree and yeah, he justified favorites and didn't he? I mean, two for gold is running a tremendous race back in second at 25 to one. And he had that inside rail and I thought he had every chance. But yeah, factory has been, I'd say in his career a little bit underrated. I mean, he's put up some really solid performances in the past. Runs from tremendous races. He's won plenty of great races as well. So he does go under the radar a little bit either thought in my opinion anyway. But yeah, take nothing away from you, I think it's great Joseph Brian sent him over to ask Scott and he was justified favoritism. Yeah, and I thought the horse takes from it was, yeah, funny industrial, because initial William's horse and child Deutsche sat. So quiet at the back held up in Rio and he stormed home to finish third and there were only obviously only four finishes. So the rest of the horses pulled up. So it was really a tough going ask on today. So I think Jackie raised pulled it out the fire. And I think he definitely goes under the radar, I think, of it. It probably doesn't get the recognition that he deserves. Yeah, I'd agree with that. It's probably got something to do with the fact that he's just gotten annihilated by all. Not once, not twice three times. And people look at that and just go, yeah, yeah. But he wins his fair share. And he's an entry winner. I mean, he was very impressive at entry last year. And he was so heavily backed. And it makes me wonder what the thought process is going to be with fakir duty. Because he's made it, he's made an absolute meal at the second last. And yet has managed to battle and Mark watts deserves an enormous amount of credit for this as well. He just put his head down and battled. And he's got that strong headwind to fight against as well. And he still managed to prevail. And you can, yes, you can criticize it in the sense that what about the horses who dropped away tamely, like what about Austin translation, tax rasher and San caldes were fancied in the bedding. And did nothing. He can only beat what's put in front of him. Fanny industrial is a very solid form guide. He's got an official rating of one 62. He's a very, very solid art stick. And he's beaten him and he's beaten a 154 rated two for gold, who was rallying all the time. I think that helped him. I think it helped him focus. So would you go to childhood and take on alo again and bid for glory or would you wait and just try and win back to back melling chase as an entry? Well, this is what you said like you said, I think the downfall of this whole traffic area has been alejo. His biggest rival. But there are because Idaho is definitely going to go for the Ryanair. I think there's no other race seller has them go for. Well, unless the school cup, but I don't think he's going to that. And then I mean, pretty similar, it's exactly to be honest, because to me, that's his ideal trip because he doesn't quite say three miles, I don't think, well, in my opinion, anyway, and he's obviously a great one winner over two and a half miles and aren't really that many choices for him. So it looks as though he would, if he does go check, he would have to line up against aloha. And you think, why not? I mean, given the way he's won at the weekend, he looks in good form. So suppose how he comes out this race, as I said, the end downfall that source is the fact that he's going to have to take on alejo again. He's beaten him so many times already in his career. Yeah, I think you're right. Look, maybe you go to cheltenham because you should never be afraid of one horse and certainly going there with chantry house last year. Taking on envoy on whenever one, including me, thought he couldn't be beaten and Downey comes at the second. The second or third, either way. It didn't quite go to plan. So you can't be afraid of one horse, but allaho was just a Lahore was devastating. A chart on last year. And there is no reason to think that he won't be the very same this time around. And everything that he's done this year leads you to that conclusion as well. So I think he's one of the most solid favorites of the entire festival. He probably won't go to any tree. So if you want to go to cheltenham, go. But entry is where you stand your better chance of winning. In terms of the disappointments of the race and fair play to Joseph O'Brien because as it was pointed out by both Rory and Melissa, flying over or getting the boat over whatever it is you were doing, that's not going to be easy in those conditions and we saw how difficult it was for airplanes to land at Heathrow and the damage that was done. So a well done to the tracks for getting the racing to go ahead and be well done for getting horse over from Ireland experiencing that either rough seas or turbulence and succeeding. The Paul Nichols factor we need to talk about. Because San calvados has been moved to the nickels yard. By case and Andrew Brooks,.

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