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I'm in my mid sixties I thought I was in the long fade to black to use a movie analogy but I feel for the first time in a long time that I feel like. There are new possibilities. I'm at the free cutting edge I'm at the front edge again here it feels exciting to be in. That's incredible and so so I happen to you know fall into wells of life and I buy into the mission by into our increased mission of women and children in schools, and you know the trains where we have we're building. Private latrines for girls with private stalls. So there are no longer mocked for their feminine. Hygiene, times they have washrooms and with Kovin and with with. Just general hygiene we're providing these handwashing stations that have four spigots. That they can with so that we providing so. That they can keep, they can keep clean and can helpfully hopefully prevent the spread of this virus saw everybody listening I'm sure has the same reaction and I had mind boggling you mean girls don't have separate bathrooms. No soap isn't readily available no, no, neither his hand. Snow and so the boys will take over the current the trains. And so the boys you know they will be doors routines they're boys they can just go in and pee and a whole because they're just they're just you know six by twelve inch. Holes in the ground, they are not toilets. But we have handrails in the new ones that girls can use handrails to lean down. It's really a sophisticated latrine. That's that's quite quite exciting. This is a real, but let's you don't have to squat. Well you have to squat, but you can hold onto Sandra something. Yeah. Yeah, it's it's. It's. It's really it's really very different world, and so a third one for me and this is one for everyone. It's a support of your and I WANNA put immediately family right my abundance support of my my wife and my son and his wife. Are Absolutely essential that. I do that every day my son has you know as in baseball struggling in baseball I mean he's doing incredible. But he you know he just has issues. I only send positive emails or texts to him only positive..

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