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Was Not playful there. was play playful. He's a Yankees Fan like me David price is a fine job posting the came as rundown. But he's still. When you say hello requires. You might be right. Hello. Hey guys thanks for taking my call. Get a quick story for you here. yesterday I went for my first massage ever with my girlfriend. And I've been having some stomach problems but recently. And this guy. He gave me like a deep tissue massage. First of all is a guy gave me a massage Wanna get your opinion on that. Totally. So from. A. So fine fine hoping give hoping massage my I got my balls shaft differently I'm cool with it with her right absolutely prefer Sasha guys to know strong. What's that see? guys tend to be stronger in their hands guys hands really just massaging my body, my asshole, and now the job. But also shut myself. Getting Just Kim right now where where, where, what's this? UNDISCLOSED LOCATION NEAR PROVIDENCE WOULD I. DON'T WANNA say okay. Was this a legitimate therapeutic massage? It was it was. The Guy offers grown on a group on it. A matter of fact, this is going now this thing. So even during all this, why would you go to massage place right now I've never really been generals and now wouldn't be the time of its stock massacre. No. I did have to wear a mask and it was very safe. They make washer handling. It was fine. With it Shit Yourself. Sanitary part definitely that that seems like it seems like they'll qualify what what, what happy ending. The show is so delve and shit now, I don't even know what? So what happened with the guy say he's pretty happened before a bit. Here's a good boy. He didn't say anything. What would it be? It was just. A good. Did you. What did you do? It was like you know sometimes we have so many problems. It's like he's just straight water. Not, a cook, there's not a Lotta substance there and I just felt that Kinda scored out. What were you going? Going into a massage with diarrhea on the table like. Diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is. In Dance and I just didn't I just didn't factor diarrhea innomax again selfish. Link Justin. Lots, of Self Hennessy Day what did you? You must have known going in your ship before was jumpy boy. If you own can't really control that guess it's been, it's been off and on but I don't know sometimes you just gotTa take a shit. Sure but I didn't see it coming. Got To admit I'll thank you. I guess you could have just taken a break from the massage as the massage important that you like. Will you know? Well, it's been scheduled I'm sure was probably not cheap even though he had a group. I guess I guess I wouldn't. I'm not for the massage? Anyway. Now doesn't do much good. I mean, I'm sure it's Graham. Sasha's had an excellent one at mar-a-lago. Would you get from a? Yup definitely. From mar-a-lago. No. No it was like a Russian woman who I'm sure was in the country legally. Very good. Okay Yes. Go ahead. God forget late in the mood go ahead. Ask. WHAT'S UP Not Song you bet. From Bruce. On your on your top one hundred. Top Ten. Be, ten songs from the eighties. I missed I remember why you got one or two formula depend on there I'm curious. Yeah. Yeah I'll give you all. Sure gimmes many until I get bored go ahead. I'll call back in. The was a series called me the car DM me and I'll give you A. Go ahead. how about wishing? Well, Terence Darby. I consider that Shin is still. Should. That's a good one. Yeah. To. N Even done with the night. John Cougar what year is that I know it's eighty. What exactly here I like that Song for sure who? Be. Not Thunder. Who Know Why don't? You hey 'em back. Paul. Hamm coaxing in on the radio. Good Ringo. I'll leave you with. Any of the talking heads you didn't really put him on there once in a lifetime talking at my favorite taking talking heads song psycho killer, and that's from the seventies if that was in the eighties. The top thirty. Okay couple more I'm enjoying what you're doing. You're doing a good job if you. Yeah. Why not? All right someday someway Marshall Crenshaw. I consider that as well. That's from nineteen eighty to Marshall Crenshaw by the way played. Buddy holly in the Mamba. Really yes. That's right. Some son. Hey. What's up? Alphaville. Now now now now now called the second half later on this week. We'll do have lunch. We'll talk about this week. What? That was for. That we're going to cut this wanting to. Eat It. We're doing now we're criticism for that last. which is probably not. Who knows probably somebody did what's up probably discord right Oh. Hello Kirke. What's up? What's up buddy how you doing? Well, I'm doing fine. That's my name. The way don't say twice. A while I got a, I got a case for blind Mike Big gearhead here. Call in his head on Mike I think part of. Part of. The show you know how smart you are and how. Are Typically, you can make a point and thinking a dummy alongside you. Compliments. Defense you you know sure I don't think the show is pro as well. Think about Steve You know there's an all his snarky smart comments but true Kinda brings the show grinding halt. To. Get. Next time he brings a show there.

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