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Hello to jason isaacs wonderful active death of stalin always so good yes huge tennis fed and you've gotta with john lloyd nothing was happening in the match point and just to prove it was deliberate angie tweeted afterwards to say he was glad someone got the reference and so we've had kirsty young now andrew cotter cornering the market in classy scottish broadcasters and andrew tennis countries great and his rugby coventry is first rate so this is very good when you well i would think there must be a world cup commentator who we can john murray maybe jonathan just get someone to just drop in wintertime reference and we could honor them in in in a big way so let's get it out there for the world cup coach mark chapman okay mont chapman okay it's down to you let's see if we can get some kind of reference to jason isaacs in that box office top ten let's try and skip through this show we said we get some films so we're gonna get we're going to do oceans eight but we're going to do the bulk of his top ten first of all just say very credit number five is raised three which wasn't press screen so if you have any race three stuff let's no in the next two minutes okay right oh even faster is the top ten anyway at not in ocean say isn't there no because opened on monday okay but we will discuss it 'cause loads of people who've yet show number ten is bladerunner secret cinema still still bright by runs still brilliant show dogs and benign nodoze better there's no snow dogs show dogs is any good no it's rubbish no dogs is better than show dogs sherlock gnomes is at number eight once again still not understanding the elton john meets animated gnomes thing number seven avengers infinity wool and hanging on in the demonstrating that it's appeal has definitely gone beyond the holco fans who might thought to it you know it's it's coal market was the hulk fans at the more you're invested in the adventures the more you'll get out of it i thought it was okay but i wasn't anything like swept away as the devotees have been i now know a couple of people who've seen it three times wow book club is an mistakes which i have yet to see long gonna catch up with that this sunday afternoon it feels like it does on the right and see i was going to see on wednesday afternoon and it just didn't happen but i'm so he's sunday afternoon can i suggest that you go having had pizza with a good lady professor who endorse he's already seen it but she can go again no she enjoyed it once but i think i think just puts you in a good frame of mind yeah well we can have pizza and then she can do something else race three is at number five i don't know because it hasn't been pressed green so that's what i was saying if you anyone race three deadpool to visit number full deputy which i think is nothing like as good as the first one i'm surprised that it's done as well as it has actually because i thought it was a disappointment off the first one solo star wars toys number three i think we've covered that pretty much except to say once again that there's nobody that hates star wars movies like star wars fans i have i don't understand anyone getting cross about solo i i i just don't understand that it's such an innocuous film it's kind of fun and pull bentley's terrific so number two is hereditary so i'm i'm going to go all right john hill over time i've enjoyed becoming acquainted with the distinctive ago of your show and one that i've often had the question mark over is your collective use of the term sniffy sniffy review well the word seems to imply smallmindedness or snobbery the only common thread i can find is that sniffy is normally a term used to refer to reviews for films that you liked but someone else didn't which brings me to your review for hereditary loss week okay well i agreed with a fair few parts of your review i was annoyed a you seem to spend a lotta time assessing it in terms of how it does not warrant.

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