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Thing like I remember? I like kind of ended this thing with this guy in Miami and I left and I felt like an asshole because I kind kinda left on just lied to get out comfortable situation and I was like I never lie hate this but I just need to get out of this situation. Because I didn't I didn't want her this whatever it's long story and then I love. I love my phone charger. There and I'm like that was the car. One hundred I completely. But the Tarot reading was a friend of mine She without her on the podcast. She's a great friend the mine and like life coach all around she is a medium she can talk to dead people she just hero. She's killing she's writing a book. Her name is Kelly night her shop in Atlanta and her whole brand is called modern mystics. There's modernistic Tara there's a modernistic shop. She isn't reading much anymore. 'cause she just didn't forever and she tapped out and she does all this other stuff but to me. Tarot I think is just leads as you into knowing what you really want and also I just think she is like psychic and knows everything so when we did this Tarot reading. I like to share this because we put out we did. We did relationship and stuff too. That was spot fucking on. I was in a really dark place with my axe and everything she said was so spot on. It was like wild and she was like this is how he feels about you but this is how he feels about this other person. I mean whatever what it worked out how it worked out. He was not meant to be with them anyway but we put out put a hug. It worked out work. He's talking he's in the personnel worked great and our killing it. So the She every single thing in my career on Mike on a card because I had a bunch of stuff going on I had the Bozeman basic stuff. I had my stand up by at emerge store. I had this idea for podcast idea for a book. We just laid it out and she was went through it and everything was right. It was crazy she was like the door is GonNa fall by the wayside. She was like you're GonNa perform and you're going to be torn but it's not gonNa be total straight standup which is wild. And then she was like the podcast is the thing I can feel it. I know it for sure. I know that you know it. And she's like and this was in June not arena for spyware months. You know so or four months so she was like. That's the thing I see you tour and I see you on stage. I see you doing all these things but again it's not with your just stand up there and telling jokes alone. I know that's not what you want. Anyway and she was like Rosalyn Basic. You'll have you'll make money from it. Someone will probably eventually take over like it was just the most. I still have a recording of it. It was wild and I think she's a special person. I think she literally is psychic and can know these things but I think in general Tarot and ran and nightclub the club. Tarot for the reason of that it helps you figure out what you can do. And Tarot readers can kind of guide you more than like a therapist because therapists can be such bullshit and they can't tell you what to do and you can be sitting there telling them about the most toxic relationship your life and they can't tell you to break it off like it's just a you know legally or whatever But that to me I think all that stuff I believe in the universe and what you put out there comes back in and the secret and all that kind of stuff and just being like a good person not because you think you're going to go to hell so those very long winded. I'm very sorry but I. I agree a blessing. I Love Kelly. Her friend Kelly and I think that Tarot one we did. She approaches Tarot. That I like. A lot is that she says you don't have to believe this. Take it with a grain of salt. You know if this helps to guide you in a certain way or peace or calmness at a certain aspect of your life in grade and if not then listen and we'll talk and you don't take anything I said for face value but I really enjoyed speaking to our friend Kelly Lot and I've done Tarot readings mixed feelings about it. I'm I'm not. I'm not religious at all but her and I also feel very much like we really want. I support other people in. Pay It forward so we really go out of our way to make sure like anybody who comes on the show we promote their comedy shows their podcasts. We their live shows and we're always trying to put that on our instagram stories and like share the wealth with others. And that's that's something I really took from Nikki. Glaser you guys are doing her shower. She's been your show tomorrow. I'm and when she came on our show I didn't know her at the time and she liked promoted the shadow the bus was. These girls were brilliant and amazing and I was like Oh my God. This is such a famous successful person that wants to support others and she did. She doesn't feel like it makes her less famous and successful to rise other people like they say like a high tide raises all both all ships ought never heard that I heard it on my cheque right and lower back and especially because a lot of people on our show are comedians. We really go out of our way to promote their albums. Their live it shows their podcast. And I think that that's very important thing to do. Just for other people so I feel like you know. I checked the Karma box when I do that. And it's just nice to support others you now because as I think comedy yeah back around us personally you get anywhere or not doing. I mean I guess I don't know why I just think that people that support others are GonNa always have more success. I'm I'm sure you could find case studies the people that have just been total decks and Nar famous now but I think they lack cry themselves to sleep every night. I don't think they're happening now. You can't really get away with it like you. You have to support one another and really genuine way or you're gonNA get found out you know like in our industry because social media you know what I mean. Everyone Ronald be like Yo. They're Kinda Shitty to work with really cool out. We read this thing the other day. We're actually interviewing right after this. His name is Andrew Schultz. He's a comedian that we live. Oh yeah he's been on a lot of shows like he's great. He did INSTAGRAM Post. And it's sad like arm does not just be surrounded by people that helped you get there and I really like. I feel very moved by that that sentiment and I think actually the greatest thing about our podcast other than what we've done for other people as this has strengthened my relationship with my parents my brother and my sister in law my whole family all my friends. It's been a beautiful way to like reconnect with people around the country. That maybe Ashton I lost touch with. We have reconnected with family members. We haven't seen in years friends from College College High School and it's been such a gift for me to be able to share that with other people and so it should never be lonely. Always be paying it forward including people and stuff yeah. I think that's really important. How has helped you with that? They're not listening so people that listen but also laying all over the country. So we're in Portland and I saw like a girlfriend. I hadn't seen in five or six years. Select went to law school there and stayed there so I just I. There were no reason for me to go to Portland straight-set but I wouldn't have gone there for no reason. So we've reconnected with a lot of people which has been really yeah. Colorado friends like just awesome is your family gets together to come out and support you saw. We just did a show in Rina's hometown Pittsburgh and like all our friends and family came like like wiles. Would they all be getting together. That has to do with the holidays or something like that. So I'm just like that are you is what are what's your spirituality. Stagno your religious I can. I grew up in the Midwest I grew up in Ohio and everyone was very Cincinnati. We Love H how was it. We went to Columbus and Cleveland Cleveland. Bovine wasn't a great shirt. Wear it all the time Lata. Oh you're really flexing in the Pittsburgh dream. Oh Hi oh shirt on the steelers. Schiller's baby I didn't want to say it but you know So I grew up in a very catholic but now just like spiritual and she's the same you know in La. That's kind of like your spiritual. Yeah but it has played like a really impactful role and in my life and my relationship with you too and it's been really beautiful to see hit now today. You know in our podcast in the growth of our community and everything like that. I want to talk about your if you do boundaries with social media and stuff and like how you guys manage manage take feedback boundaries. Do you mean like with like I guess with like sounds good. Yeah well responding to people like with the with long messages like people. Let's say stuff. Do you like what are you. Guys what is your defense which one of us you're on the air really. It depends on her and I have different feelings about it. I think that we react similarly But if somebody puts US on blast and they rights Shittier Horrib- On instagram feed post. And like it's open season on you like you can't like furry legal private dam or a private email. I don't don't necessarily always respond but I don't hate it as much if somebody says like. Hey I'm a fan of the show and I love you. Girls despite bothered me or upset me. I don't necessarily have to respond to all those 'cause like one sentence I say out of eighty five episodes shouldn't offend you. That molly grow up bright comedy. I cannot if people are self centered. They think it's all about them. I was triggered by this one thing because of my own life. Shut the fuck up. Have you ever watched a comedy special or no comedy show. What what is your life? I was offended. It's a it's literally you went to the comedy section of the podcast. And you chose this right. What what are you doing? Why did you get away with more than girls? Don't ain't gonNA start it. You talk about this all the time about like the old on today get started this the stuff and get away with that women could never stuff that he says. It's like it makes me. I'm like it's wild. Yeah we like we have a lot of guys on our KRISTA Stephanos and other comedian comedian and they can get away with time. If I said that I would be I would be like on my agent would drop me my manager. Everybody like so whatever. It's five percent of people that are yelling allowed us. It's not the majority we did this thing. Where where this joke on our podcast about miscarriages? It wasn't it was joey. Great comedian on he was joking around with Raina and it was not we got some. DM's about it. And then the next week I just felt the need to do A. PSA Yes they like. Hey guys we don't think miscarriages are funny or anything but we make jokes because this is comedy and like whatever. The overwhelming response was. Thank you for saying that people are too offended but of course we got a couple of dams but it's it's not the majority and I think it's just the people that are that are that have time on their hands and I think also people don't understand comedy I didn't. I wasn't going to comedy shows in my early twenties. And so I think if you grew up in this more woke generation and you just don't really understand. I think you might be more easily offended. You don't under this sounds so I hate to sound condescending but you actually don't understand that these are jokes folks I guess. Yeah that's something we want to talk with Andrew shells about today because he's like the king of like fuck. This cancelled culture. You know this is ruining comedy like this is just comedy which to make it clear also also everything we say we're just talking about ourselves actually doesn't want to have kids that ashes telling other people do not have kids she sang. This is my life and my choice and my body. This is my decision. I think it's stupid. It's it's not stupid for you like honestly I have mixed feelings about marriage and weddings and spending that kind of money out. If that's your dream your dream but it's not my fucking dream. I I think as far as the. Don't the trolls like I try so hard like I just if you write something nasty to me on my own instagram. Like I'm still at the point where there's not so many I read the comments but like I'll eat it. I don't need this kind of negativity or all clapback. And they'll get a bunch of likes because I feel like it like this girl. There night wrote on my post so unnecessary that like I should not have a metal part like I should try like I poked picture with two girlfriend law and my girlfriend's like clearer really deep side parts. And she was like Ashley. Maybe you should take take the tip from your friends and like not not where the middle part and I wrote back something like I just wrote. I'm good and no one asked and got it..

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