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And I would actually even do that bus tour again where you sit on the top. I loved it. I love doing touristy things because you actually do get to see so much of the city. Whereas if you're just walking around your, you can't really truly see everything. So yeah, it's touristy and whatever, but there's a reason why it's popular because you get to fuck and see everything. Totally. I love tours to because you learn the history. Yeah. So then you go back and you have some memories and like actually know where you were and you can imagine it and yes, absolutely. And then Ryan Rogers, who is a Jon snow, ooh, integrate name, Ryan. Rogers. It is. It's really catchy. He's going to Italy for two weeks where what is, oh, he didn't say, oh, that's excellent. Will that he says, what is the number one thing you would recommend to do? You? Can't that's like saying, I'm going to the United States for two weeks over one thing. You'd recommend eight and give him a city. And something to do. Okay. Well, I was in northern Italy so that so bad is no. I was in Milano and on the outskirts of that. And I've been to Venice three times. So like that I've been all up in northern Italy and that I know very well. Well, enough mean well enough. And I mean, I just think every I think if you try and travel like right out, if you take an hour outside of any major city in any country. So let's say Italy, you're gonna find like these restaurants in these places that are like family owned that you would never know to go to because they're just like not right in the city. And those are my favorite experiences when I was traveling. And next time I go to Italy, I wanted to try the the south, Italy in the south. So like that. I don't know anything about yet, and I wanna do that. I wanna go everywhere. Now me to fuck work. This. Sucks. You're done. Let's go. For a little bit. The moment. Well, so that is kind of our time. Now. I hate to cut that short if you want to ask question on boobs. Okay. I think the easiest question out of that bunch. I'll end on that the easiest question. Yeah, out of fashion and boobs. Oh, my gosh. Actually know there was a really good one. That I think you'll be able to impart some wisdom. There's a lot of people who want to have really good fashion, but might not necessarily have the funds to go by one hundred new clothes..

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