Castillo, Murder, Minneapolis discussed on 1947: The Meet the Press Podcast


Only use it as history books yeah and when you consider what we're going through right now where the where we're we're we're having this the underbelly of our political fight is cultural it strikes me people need to see these visuals again yes and show the picture show the images that that is that is central to it and and this documentary which is two hours as you know in life we don't do to our documentaries montano i think this one network television man that were television man and the reason we were able to in this instance his we pull it forward we wear are we today what has happened to what king launched how are pictures used today what is social media's role in the same rights movement eleanor holmes norton says actually the streaming live of castillo's murder in in minneapolis in minnesota i think it was in minneapolis it is fidel see guess that that young man who was shot by a cop on live facebook that's i think when he first century version of what happened same thing happened to emmett till he was murdered brutally we just didn't see it in those days and those were the first pictures still photos that were taken thanks to mamie till emma till's mother she insisted that was the marker in the road you must see what you did to my son you you have to see it for yourself and those pictures would not be printed in the white press they were printed in jet magazine in order for the world to begin seeing how many of this.

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