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And of course what star. The knicks are going to be trading for next right here on knicks film school. Do you know what pissed me off from. Yesterday's game is rizzo. Has the fourteen pitch at bat in the first inning and it actually gets it ends in a walk but like crowd is on their feet and their subdue s- in the building and the judge twenty twenty-seven hopper to the on the first pitch. It's like awful announced three straight out at that's the yankees put together in big spots between judge and staying in labor and when when hicks was the team earlier in the season. It's appalling it. Just i don't know and that's why i say night. But that's that's why. I said a couple of minutes ago. It's like yes. The additions of gallow and rizzo were necessary. And i like them both and on paper. The lineup looks way better. Because you can. Go lefty righty. and it's just. It's just rizzo doesn't strike out as much. But then you still have the holes in the lineup. Where the hell's gleyber torres. And when the hell is he gonna ever show up is on the podcasts. I just did With derek alvin Yesterday when is dj. Lemay who gonna turn back into All-star player so gary sanchez is now kovic so you have hagi. You know he. I know he's he's the is. Apparently he's the best receiving catcher in the history of baseball. But guess what he can't hit so so so the lineup. Everyone chirps outline. They're like see it's like if you have to point out every single dime the guy gets on base you should recognize. There's approaches like which is what like twenty eight percent of the time to overseas giancarlo. Giancarlo gets a big hit. You again billion people saying what is your criticism of. it's like. Yeah you if you have to point out when the guy making thirty two million dollars. It's a home run. That's a problem. So i don't want i don't wanna make this just a bitch fest right. So let's talk about something that i actually was excited about this week. And that's louis. He'll he'll soft g he'll He had a lot riding on these days. Not ready so the show look like he had electric stuff. i think. Mlb pipeline graded his fastball. Seventy five out of eighty so if you believe in the in the scouting and all that kind of stuff. That's an elite fastball. with a high spin rate. That's i mean. It's this is one of the pitchers that had been on like their their list of like good stuff kind of pitchers but like when are we ever going to see them. So i was very excited. About what i saw. It was a great debut. I would much rather see him. Get a few more starts than andrew heaney. I don't need to see andrew handy. It was a lottery ticket. I think maybe they lost out on berrios. The price is too high. There were some reports. That cashman was looking at trevor story to the deadline. The price was too high so they had to sort of pivot to different plans. Okay so andrew heaney is someone that you can just sorta get off the scrap heap and As a lottery ticket. I know what that lottery ticket is gonna turn into. Let's let's say lewis hill pitch for. Yeah i mean this is a guy who the continue to say is not ready. Even after his dominating performance like the first yankee to have whatever six innings the no run six strike as they do since like nineteen. Twenty years and people are still after the game like. He's not ready as change. Needs to come along if he's not ready. Thin fucking twenty people. That i've seen pitch for the yankees. This year aren't ready because the guy dominated a line of andrew heaney couldn't even keep in the ballpark and i know the orioles aren't good. And if we were to go out there and face the astros or the red sox or the blue jays maybe he might get rocked. But he didn't face the orioles a team. That heating has been in the league for years now. Couldn't get out against. Keep them in the rotation vinny sent down after the game. I know it's like rostrum manipulation. I mean i hope he comes back. He doesn't come back off. That's crazy he's got to get a start against seattle. He has to. Yes who who will see you. Starting in you have confidence. In who else is deserving of a spot. The thing that i can't stand with the yankees is they've done. This for years is whether it seniority or money owed always takes precedence over performance like esteban. Floreal comes up. Guy is unbelievable for a stretch here after the all star break is him and greg alan singlehandedly. Carry the team to four wins and five games and they're like banks for all your production but we're gonna go with ryan lamar brett gardner up there rather than you like. There's nothing you can do to keep your spot i was. I was ready to see a tweet. That writings was getting set down the other day and they for the for the minor league shuttle in that nick nelson was going to be back up. Because that's sort of what this team does. It's all it's incredibly frustrating. And i'm with you on it that it's frustrating but if we're if we're worried about roster spots number twenty three through twenty six making or breaking this team then this teams in bigger trouble than they got to be. The top. Half of this roster. That's going to carry this team to the playoffs or not. Let's hear the the bottom of the roster is what it is. I think every team probably has these same sort of annoying things. Go on and we're just close to the yankees. And we hate aaron boone. So we so. We're frustrated with how. Brian cashman has maybe developed this roster. So we can. We can bitch about it a little bit more. But but i'm way more in the camp of aaron judge needs to be better in big spots. Dj the man who needs to turn around giancarlo stanton at least. He's playing the outfield. A little bit more now right like the. He played that he played the outfield on monday. Which gave judge a. d. h. day voice should be returning like what are we waiting for mean. It's going to get injured in the minors. At least let him get injured at yankee stadium like don't let him get injured in scranton. So call him up. D. h. input. Stay in the outfield. And let's just let's just go. Let's just see what happens. Yeah and i really the bottom. You know the last roster spot shouldn't matter twenty six roster by eight does because the manager puts these guys in situations they shouldn't be in so you might think to the last two guys in the bullpen. Don't matter but when you're in a fucking tenth in game against the phillies or the red sox and there's a guy in second with no outs those are the guys that he's using the pitch because everyone needs their time off. Even when every game is a muslim game right now has been i mean. I'll i'll retract that. Because i hate when people say now as if like april games didn't matter like they didn't have any impact on now but boone finds a way to use the bottom of the roster in big spots and so every spot on the roster matters because you could be the twenty six guy he'll find a high leverage fought for you. I mean was it We were joking through text message..

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