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Bravery what makes a hero a hero tested by the worries of what's happening at home thousands of miles away and the reality of what you're facing here and now when your life is in danger every second and it's either killed or be killed from wondering and incongruity media this is anthony russo and this is war sometimes an idea pops into your head and you just can't shake it for shane shelton when the notion to enlist in the us special forces hit him it just wouldn't relent he was twenty three years old and a little lost working as a personal trainer was fine enough but he was also supplementing his income as a warehouse packer the work was fine but as he thought about what else he could do where his strengths were found in where he could get the most satisfaction the us military seem the logical choice when i went into unless they wouldn't let me enlist straight into the special forces recruitment program unique could credit to enlist into the x ray program which is a special forces recruitment in the processing they check my credit he said you you can't listen eighteen x ray but can list as loan bronco if injury and you can go to selection you know when you're e four when you want something you want it even fate seems to be sending you in a different direction shane threw himself into the training program excelling through basic training and into his unit assignment he was assigned pashtoon as a language and was preparing to head off for the q course initial qualifications when he was turned away again this time because his unit was gearing up for an important mission in afghanistan why certain major decided that he needed me for the deployment so i understand that he's the only one that could have you know allowed me to go to course he said no i need you on this deployment you're gonna go on this deployment you can go to q course afterwards shane's disappointment was muffled by the chance to get into combat sure he wouldn't be engaging with.

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