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Take it would've take it how you take browns. You don't even you know. And they all of the looking at all those vitamins anyway. Because they keep buying them. They can't put it on a shelf faster they cut it a little bit with lots. And they're gonna give it to your podcast. Gets sick again. Dear boiling ginger. They all talk about you. Folks have picked up a piece of ginger in all your life. Maybe maybe like ginger real drink drink drink a bottle wrapped go out there bob. Five pounds of sixteen college. Spent all your money two thousand dollars a much to try to kill you healthy marr- research say. I just wanted to make that foot. you know. Thank you bobby sean. Have a good day before we get. I wasn't going to go alone a proud of myself. I was very disciplined everyday. Owes hating on me with this being become vaccinated. Add left it alone but the stories come up in sitting down with thanks gave us stories. You didn't have to know but you get back into at us. One quick announcement i am. You'll mother's day matinee. Going down Mother's day on may the knife Doors open up at five pm showtime six up. Barbie was i m you located eight. Thirty one. South delaware drive at eastern pennsylvania. Or come on down. Get your laugharne. We have some of the most hilarious comedians here in the region. That's coming through. Dj hassles will be playing. Music is for your mission coffee. you're vip tables. You know you want to secure your table. Because a lot of folks come out to the show and also on may the twenty third. Aj johnson for the movie friday. What was his character again with email. Email me back there. Well he'll be at the. I was located bunk and then daily wants south delaware dr eastern pennsylvania dot is sunday made the twenty third. Sundays is the new saturday. Nights free emission. But please call for your tables because you could call you. Could call for reservation is not going to guarantee you the table. This thing's going to sell out to fly. Be out tomorrow so you're out. Aj johnson will be in the building for the movie. Friday wasn't eva's game. Barbie email email and then on june the twentieth ma father's day the one and only john hidden from living single would be at the. I mean we're located. I'll get where it goes eight delaware. Dr east depends on sundays. New setting nice doors. Open up our files. Show tom six o'clock after party what. Dj hustle is now. Keep an eye everybody on india. Y'all just reading about the keep get worse than with. They're while you sitting here worrying about the government. And you know shame on you would madonna. That's what you took medina start. You know the least scientists african american woman. She's the one that developed this thing. Beautiful african american women with the we've the weavers popping on his young lane. Fine as hell. She speaks well. She's very educated. She loves this whole viral. Vaccine thing. xix. She's the head person that develop this vaccine is a black woman. Yeah india they tuesday. We will have zoos in fiery indian finance. They all fire. They reported that the reported deaths over there was three thousand two hundred ninety three just one day and we have also the mike when the sound went out three thousand two hundred and ninety three deaths just in one day while they have surpassed over two hundred thousand de now according to this article. Say what did you give them. Eight the united states sent them eight. They sent medicine a sent them oxygen tanks and respiration the ginger ale ginger ginger obscene all vitamins that you want they sit that over there and then people live to chat with with his talk is what is he saying. He says the body has his own immune to yes. Yes i will that everybody. Immune system is not great everybody. Immune system cannot fight this here so if they have something to help them why not take it for a tall guy. First of all tall guy actually right. We have great immune system we do. We know some of our immune system work. Well there's some people don't and there are some viruses that will overpower the immune system. Especially if you're not a healthy person. Anyway that's right in dj toga. We love wbz. Let's talk your father. He's got six nine tall guy. You six nine bro. You should be accelerated just because it you hide alone. Corona virus can hovers over. He might be alright. Six six six not all all his birthday is going to be told. What corona virus. He's gonna he's gonna be mad at me he'd be okay. Of course we have immune system of course new system protects us. But sometimes there's viruses out there you think you'd think our immune system is more powerful than the poliovirus no the measles. But it. His sean sean. How you want to show. Cb good morning. I'm just happy to be here. Everybody will house on the phone. Mississippi stations are also. Call them. mr makes sense. It's crazy because you know you know a lot of people talk about the vaccine and he had that corona like ain't experience that around and what experienced that corona. Make you change your body..

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