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Of this having worked on an impeachment case before about twenty years ago with Bill Clinton. So she knows his area pretty well. But first, let's go to Mark tibido, who is joining us from the Weather Channel, Mark make sense of all this as far as why tornadoes are suddenly hitting a state like New Jersey where having grown up here. I'm not used to getting these sort of warnings. We don't usually see a whole lot of that around here. But what's going on today's we haven't? Yeah. Like you said, by the way, it's going to take three hours to two hours to get home tonight. The way this is looking. That's kind of stalled across the area. And what's happening is wins on either side of this front are kind of emerging a little bit. So we have kind of a southeast wind coming up from the Atlantic, and we have kind of a south west wing coming up from parts of southern Pennsylvania, and south jersey. And we're those kind of combined wind shift takes place, which is across central and south jersey right now. That's why we've seen the tornado warnings day. That's why we had a tornado yesterday across jersey, and that's why we're seeing the rough weather today. Plus, we have all this moisture coming up. So a bit of good news on short-term the tornado warning that it wasn't a fact. That means twenty spun, it potentially has been dropped, but we now have a severe thunderstorm warning, basically covering the southern half of jersey ocean hundred ten Mercer as well at Burlington, Somerset, mama's counties, Middlesex, County and bucks county in southeast Pennsylvania. All in a severe thunderstorm, and we got this nasty squall line moving across wins with are going to be fifty sixty miles an hour. It's going to get right to the shore, north of they're kind of, like you were talking about. We're not really in the tornadoes from the city northward or into parts of. A western Long Island. It's more just a wall of heavy rain coming in, which is bad enough himself. And the potential for gusty winds. Now, once all these goes through over the next hour, hour and a half, or so, I think that is going to be it pretty much for the night, the big danger after that is going to be watching all the standing water on the roadways. We are on a flood advisory for the city and surrounding boroughs until eight thirty this evening, because we are gonna have a lot, and I mean, a lot of standing water on some of the roads from all this heavier in this happening, so yes, the reason this is all happening is because we have this hot humid air in place. We have a Flint that kind of stalled across the area, the wind change across the frontal zone, and that's why we're seeing these waves of showers and storms, a lot of activity actually is originating in the plains. It kind of weakens overnight as it goes across parts of Ohio, and western PA and fires back up during the day and late in the afternoon and evening. In fact, I can see our niche next batch of weather that we're going to get tomorrow afternoon. Developing right now, across parts of Arkansas, and Oklahoma, that's gonna come up north go around, and then drop south and eastern, probably get. Mr. mom for new and probably not severe weather, but maybe more heavy downpours, so times right now with the weather. I in Miami the Marlins used to play outside right? These play in Joe Robbie Stadium in the attendance was horrible because the team has generally bad the b because every night, a right around. Game time six seven o'clock a huge thunderstorm come through because that was Miami. But now this is happening up here. So I guess we just have similar circumstances, as far the humidity just being out of control. Yeah. Really? We do have a tropical surge of humidity. We have up here right now. Yeah, not good for for any outdoor activities during the evening, but there is a break inside. I think as we get to the end of the week, we get towards Friday. I think we're going to start cleaning this up a little bit. It's going to be a little drier. We go into the.

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