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Bit here. As we get into our number three of today's now Vinnie Penn Project here filling in this week on W. R K. Oh, there's a really You would think it was your tried and true kind of gotcha piece on bright bark dot com right now, But it's so much more than that's not even written by our next guests. Guest Rebecca Mansour, But it's there's a slideshow search of seven Democrats not practicing what they preach. But there's so much more to it than that s so let's welcome our special guest at this time. Welcome Bright Bart news senior editor at large, Rebecca Mansour and we've got to proceed with caution. I hope you've been well. Yes, I am. I'm specially distancing from you, Benny. I'm very far away. We're not going to get sick at all. I'm on the West Coast. No, we'll know by proceed with caution. I mean, yesterday I delivered a monologue about Cuomo was bizarre. Just his choice of words I prohibit Gatherings of more than 10 people in private residences. I found that to be scary stuff, but it incurred the wrath of a listener. I read an email that does I was basically called a killer. What does New York have to do with me that I mean, Brother lives there we don't you want Nana and pop? She asked me to He here for next Thanksgiving. So I think as we move towards zeroing in on what this attack on Thanksgiving and Christmas is all about, well, you may just get an email yourself. Oh, don't worry. Will you know when I would like to know from that list there If they could explain something to me, Why is it that Corona viruses were contagious in gyms after 10 P.m.. Yes. I don't understand that. That's kind of like the new rules as well. Hey, I mean, I can kind of understand why they would close like a bar after 10 p.m., because I guess they're sending people get sloppy, drunk and like, stop them. Where their math properly or something, But what's wrong with the gym? Is it more contagious after 10 P.m. and a gym? Can you say that to move any well that figures that out? Well, that's been my struggle all along is the arbitrary nature. You make a fair point about bars but restaurants. Now it's First of all, we've got a guy. Mayor in the town I grew up in who wants a ban on all indoor dining for the winter months, and it's like, well bye to some of the best pizza in the country. I mean, there goes Pappy's. There goes Sally's I don't know if you know whereof I speak, but they're like Nationally renowned pizza houses and it's a ban. You can't curbside Christmas. It's just a bad Title for Ah Ah Hallmark Christmas movie. But when they talk about OK 9 30 for dining rooms. That's it. Well, what's the difference between eating dinner at eight o'clock or 10? O'clock? On when they come up with 10. People can come to your house. Why not 12? Why I just it all feels very and it has from the get go Rebecca the 6 ft because 6 ft, then became eight, then became 12 and then went back to six. And that's why I lose faith. I completely but you know it, actually, when you mention restaurants, my favorite new development, remember how like they said that you could dine in the parking lot, You know, that's okay. And now suddenly they're doing this thing. Where, Because it's the cold weather is out there building tents in the parking lot, so you can't eat in an enclosed restaurant. But you couldn't eat in an enclosed tent in the parking lot. That makes sense, right with with with those kerosene heaters that that are just I don't know. There's something that that suggests to me. And what do I know? I follow the science, they say, But I don't know. It seems like a magnet for contagion. And the same waitress is coming over to your mask on. I don't I don't understand any of it. I know their wing again. I get that they're winging it. But this is You're pushing everything I think a little too far. Absolutely movie that everything where I lost faith is when it's okay to like, Have these masks. Chest if you're a Democrat. On. It's okay to like celebrate Joe Biden. You know, victory and go out meth protests, okay, And but it's not okay to do anything else. You can't have Christmas but I mean, like New York New Yorkers were passing around champagne box for God's sake. Just last week, you know, giant crowds. I'm like, Wait a minute. How is that safe studio? We'll know the pandemic. Yeah, but it's totally but you know, it says Like I think that you could beat this virus. If you just wear a Harris Biden T shirt and go out E Lovett. You're a Democrat. You're, um you know, I'm that's what I'm thinking. We should all just become Democrats. You know, my big concern is and again wrong with bright, part news senior editor at large Rebecca Mansour and I did believe that Ah, lot of this was going to calm down after the election. I don't want to come off as a complete conspiracy theorist to you, but I My belief is that this was made in a lab in China because Trump slapped China down. They retaliated. It's an act of war and nothing less than that. And that if Biden won his first move would be to make nice with China and magically. We'd have a vaccine and we'd get our America back. And for about 48 of them for a couple of days, I felt like I was spot on because here came Fizer like we're ready. We're good to go. And I thought, man, I'm right. But now I'm seeing. Talk of you won't even be able to get your shot until the fall of 2021. Fowzie is saying next winter won't even be normal, so it doesn't look like They're going to keep us in this headlock for for a longer period of time, and I really didn't expect that. What are your thoughts on that? I. It's just say that the distribution of the back team Vaccine. Since there's there's more than one now. It looks like you know, there's there is competing vaccine. It's gonna probably be pretty tricky to get the order to get that out to everybody, right? And I'm not. And I'm wondering how many people are gonna be lined up to take it right away. So I'd be the first, you know, Like, I'm not opposed to taking a vaccine, but I kind of want other people to try it. First e don't wanna be the guinea pig. And I think that most Americans just kind of in my boat. They're like, Yeah. You tried first Watch if you like, Okay? This is gonna be tricky. And then it looks like you have to take like you know your first shot, and then you have to come back A week later. A day later, something take the second shot. I'm like this is gonna be a long time to distribute that thing. I hadn't heard that. I hadn't heard that. I know that now. Mo Derna was there breaking news that now? Moderna, Not to be outdone by Fizer is saying hold up. Because we've got something to there's going to be an abundance of inoculations. I think 2021 will be the year of inoculations. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean, yes, if one is like 94% of fact of the other ones, 90, So you know, I don't know. It's just that this is one of the reasons while a lot of these health experts You always sound like they're equivocating like they don't know what they're talking about. They really don't know what they're talking about. They're kind of like guesstimate. You know everything, but I mean, you know what? At the end of the day, Veni Let me call this virus like the Darwin Awards. The viruses. It's pretty easy to bait. You know you where you Matthew, say 6 ft. Away from people who don't live with you. You wash your face your hands and you don't touch your face. I mean, Okay, I'll do that and get about our business. You know, get India out about We don't have to be locked out. It doesn't seem like If we just act, you know intelligently. We can move around. So I agree. Thank you Don't understand. A lot of the block down is wrong is our hospitals are not overwhelmed. We're gonna have to live with this thing. So we're gonna have to, like, Be smart about it seems to me and now I did see the piece on bright part..

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