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To it is action this there is never a dull moment never stops at this point i've watched it before it's stink you'd rather watch for hours of look a guy standing on the mound waiting to throw the ball and set of up and down action just going back and forth in two and a half hours i would absolutely watch uh the art of baseball are other than the trashing this of how the city four hours the nuts playing golf you go pla hunger and forty six hours games nothing gives you something like forty games manner in baseball is true if the as opposed to what i know you're number one seed getting our asas kicked so shut up i have been playing real sloppy yes lobby lillehammer they do have a death in the family in order to warming over for nothing offense i feel bad for that guy i get it but i orissa team don't care and aggregate lead to all that's when the cameras are around the they're all grieving form a little bit you changed my mind yesterday that back i went out and cried in front of the cameras as of now of a sudden i'm starting to think this is all theatrical i do think he kind of went on credit front of the cameras i do think that was kind of on purpose if he needed a good cry of a horrible thing for you to say john wall it's true no you don't know what to be true he was good and then it just got to him now because he went out when nobody was there he went out to have a moment which is fine it's oh totally find the do that but if you really want the moment and keep it behind closed doors on the cover sports illustrated excellent talking about guarantee you probably will merely espn the magazine will probably have it but why not in may and good for him now look at me i was grieving the loss of my sister that's going to be really tough fight worse it is so it's going to be tough to play to i think.

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