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Majors is making sure that I'm putting out content on a consistent basis because again, that's the signal right? That's the signal that's going to amplify my message and attract people that are interested in this. Right. When I when I put the key words into this video, which will be something are excuse me into this podcast will be something about the power of discipline or Discipline. Can Create the experiences that you want something to that effect, and then put it out. There becomes a piece of evergreen content that will always be searchable and will drive traffic back to my youtube channel and move forward. So anyway, that's that's the that's that's the goal right there. So and that's what I'm always preaching to people because like I said I've seen it happening in my own experience, my own business and I've seen it over and. Over again, for other people where they just create that content grant, Cardona topics of hammering the list which I always cringe when I hear that he's talking about hammering his email list and they do hammered and believe me I'm on that list and it's it's beneficial but I don't like that idea of hammering the list. What I use is love on my list I want I love on my list and I send a weekly email out. Every week to the people on my list if you're a subscriber, thank you so much hopefully that email is valuable to you. But my intention with that email is to love and support you on your journey and share knowledge and wisdom that I feel will be helpful to you. Right just a little reminders and insights and ideas that I've come across on my own journey or that have worked for me or that are some nuggets that I pull out of the books. I read are the courses I read it. But, that's my way you know I just I it's a very different different approach for me grand. Cardona says own guy learn law from him. He's super valuable to me, but I don't like that idea of hammer the list, right? I WANNA love on my list and so. To that point, if you haven't subscribed to my email list I want to invite you to do that as an incentive to entice you to do that. I want to give you a collection of tools that I call tools for conscious creators. This is an ongoing tool I'm an ongoing collection that I'm always adding to but the idea behind this is based on the idea that when you fix your thinking, you're GonNa, fix your. As said it. You know she doesn't fix problems. She fixes her thinking in the problems fixed themselves. We create from within right life in our experience is a mirror of what's happening within us and so when we tune up the way we think and feel we're going to be tuning up. Various. Right. But it's you but we don't work in the outer world we work in the inner world with our beliefs and our expectations and the consciousness right Emmet Fox said that life is consciousness. And so that collection of tools is all designed to help you create the experiences that you want. It's all about being a conscious creator right and I'm always adding tools to that. There's some cool stuff in there. All those things are tools that I use myself. In fact I created them for me but I want to share them with you because we're all the same right we're all slaying different demons but the same type of demons, right overcoming limiting beliefs and fears, and doubts, and anxiety and worry, and all those kind of things that get into our race mind right the the mind that is rooted in this physical world, that is is a good tool. But not a very good master speaking of the Robin Sharma. Robin. Sharma says that it's a great tool but not a good master don't let your mind be your master. So go check that out at G. Mark Phillips Dot Com you can sign up there and be sure to put me on your white list or your safe females. There's instructions on how to do that in the welcome email. So you can get those weekly emails unsubscribe at any time. If you feel it's not serving you I. know there are a lot of emails out there but my intent. is to give you the very best the best spiritual metaphysical and intellectual knowledge to support and help you on your journey so that you can be doing have more of what you want. That's my hogan with my email process and really the underlying kind of foundation of my businesses to help you have and get more of what you want, and so that's the first thing I wanNA I. WanNa remind you of to sign email list the other thing before. We wrap up here I want to invite you to check out my courses so far there are two courses in my offering and one coming called the focus and flow journaling process, which I'm thrilled about the courses that are currently available are twenty one ways to radically enhance the human experience. That's of course, it kind of encapsulates and shares maybe twenty ish years of studying knowledge and kind of gives you an big downloaded the the pdf itself is ten pages. And then it comes with a poster you can put in your personal development binder. That's that's the core I course the second course that I developed and it was actually on you to me for a while. But I've since pulled it down and I'm adding new bonus modules and tweaking it quite a bit to make it more robust and full and more specifically targeted to my audience, and that is called the seven pillars of personal development, and that again is all about developing your relationship with yourself because you we know that our relationship with our south. Our relationships with other people and experiential in general right and it's the the seven most important aspect of developing your relationship with yourself that I've discovered on my journey including I'm going to be creating a bonus core bonus content that is gonna blow your socks off and I know that's a tall statement, but it really will and this is based. On another thing on the other underlying thing that I study, which is self concept and self image right? If there's one lever or one button to push, it is focus on developing who you need to be in what you need to be so that you can take the right action that will eventually get you the results that you want. This is what's You know moved me down the road in my life past the fear pass it out past the worry of doing of sharing my love and passion in the world, which is this creating content. Starting at podcast having an interview based show I always wondered an interview based show, but I was one I didn't know how to do it too. I was fearful and frightened to do it, and the more that I developed the concept in integrate that idea into Mike self concept the easier it gets and the more it just flows naturally as an expression of who I am right because I'm developing that I'm am building that self concept muscle in that way so that it happened that way hugely powerful. Other people have talked about Maxwell malts talked a lot about it Never. God talked about it. Joseph Cambell all of these people talk about it i? Honestly. That's why I wrote the book just be it and on the two part children's series the magic of being. That's the most important thing talk about from the last twenty, five years of study. If there's one thing that's the thing work on yourself concept on a consistent daily basis, right out the qualities of who you want to be and what you WanNa be right and the new module that is going to be going up into just be it is all about specifically like who you already are not necessarily who you want to become because that's valuable. Right was as we reach and we stretch into developing certain aspects of ourselves. But..

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