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Is that really a problem is this is this a problem that didn't exist when when i was in a fraternity when i when i was in the pike house it was i was never a door me i don't know but i i guess i i've i've i've lived in buildings with large large assemblies of men they're called barracks okay but we we we never had such notice though anyway that that came to my interest because i have i've never heard of that before it grossed me out and then i was wondering well wait a minute if i've never heard of it before what's happening now in two thousand eighteen what's what's that because you know there's been we we've heard in in the last couple of weeks many of you have learned the term in cell involuntary celebrate right these are these losers in the basement of the science building who were sitting there spending fifty bucks a day upgrading their backpack on fortnight and and by the way did everyone get the new upgrade the jetpack anyway so they're in the basement of the science building suffering my my mocking and they're angry and so they're out out of direct line of sight of the sun they're probably eating some sort of bagged salsa chip they're drinking not diet coke not even zero they're drinking fullon coke and they're playing online games or they're just doing it worker or whatever and the believe it or not they're angry that women don't pay attention to them the women don't know what they're missing the women you you're all their dating chad's you're you're all out there dating chads and biff which is which is their word for normally adjusted man who can meet a stranger and and and make that stranger interested in them enough to go spend one on one time perhaps even some some some very special one on one time and so if you're not one of those guys you're on red it and you're sitting there but m accessing all.

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