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Exactly yeah frame up then you got your tortillas and avocado deep frying so you're going from like i don't want to deal with fish so like i wanted deep fry fish but deep frying it's a year like you know what it is it sort of erases half the guilt can't but it's fish as opposed to like it's not bad for you because it's fish that were deep frying but it sort of eases your conscious a little bit it gives you an excuse to do fish but i'll do like the little bit of slaw you know kinda like baja california's san diego style got the little slaw i got the puppy fish crispy fish bits i got the tortilla little avocado maybe a little black beans on the side some hot sauce hobbled yeah not maybe so but when you're setting yourself up to fish to deep fry fish at home yeah is there like a lot of prep what do you mean your kitchen environment like are you putting down newspaper everywhere for the oil splatter i'll have like a high sided you know so you got about an inch of oil you have little strips of so and so white fish whatever looks decent one thing i would recommend when buying so and so sort of white fish fillets always check for the little bones yet trail and some places are really good at taking them out in some places aren't you've got to kind of run your finger along you'll feel them i've been there with like tweezers pliers like poland thing i did the same thing i got fish that i wasn't that psyched about and it was salmon and i got it home and i was like are you kidding me like the entire length of the flake and i don't have fish tweezers so then my husband's like goes upstairs and gets like pliers literally from the toolbox insane.

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