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Time here at dispaced gnomes what the hell's that there's a lot of distractions here. This is what we get for having a podcast in the woods. We apologize <hes> head of time for the wind noise <hes> alley. We'd like to control everything but i don't have control of the wind. You know who does gnomes of course i so. I think that the lower forty eight needs along multiday ultra marathon fat hat bike race we have we have the place to do it. I want. I want to see like somebody like todd. Pokot and somebody like doc. Whoever is the runs the fat bike berkey and maybe whoever is the arrowhead one thirty five people to all team up and race from sault saint marie to international falls best guests. Is it six hundred sixty six miles. Where's your samory at florida ed. That's that's the gateway to see old khanna da on the u._p. There over the far east side of of the tacoma if is yeah so the the el diablo del norte six hundred sixty six miles. There's no entry not just your soul just kidding about that. I'll my christian readers and so what do you guys think of that idea yet yeah well. We talked about like how hard it is to have good conditions like. Look what happened to the polar roll asher. You know six hundred miles. You're going to need a lot of people working. At course snowmobile trails will have to be engaged and real roads and well yeah but even parole snowmobile trails. It was <hes> some of it as i believe. Some of the big part in town like the holy doubt is gone so long race especially in the winter. You just got a piece together anything everything rolling travel roads. You'd have to have alternate. Internet courses ready to go on something like that. Just create a g._p. Ex you know <hes> route and unsupported that's unsupported and and it would be regulated much like arrow arrowhead one thirty five. You'd have to have a certain number of calories a certain kind bag etc but then that's all all of those protocols are all laid out. It's really just the route <hes> and the volunteers that could span that amount of space <hes> <hes> somebody <hes> kevin breitenbach a winner of the arrowhead one thirty five and the an the idea rod trail limitation heat. He once told me that endurance racing is about enduring and co uncomfortable things for a long amount of time so this isn't isn't for the people that only race on.

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