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Seles Sarah fox news at the White House coronavirus task force briefing vice president Mike pence said a new type of test for the virus is on the way FDA once again in near record time is approved an antibody test developed by selex and we're continuing on the White House coronavirus task force to examine ways that we can scale up these rapid testing these innovative new tests not just me this moment but the lay foundation for testing across the nation president trump also announced a new CDC recommendations for stopping this right by wearing some type of covering over your nose and mouth while in public he says it's not a mandate but a suggestion earlier today the White House and as anyone who is supposed to be in close proximity to the president the vice president will be tested for the virus in York City there over fifty seven thousand cases the Javits center a huge convention center in Manhattan has been transformed into a makeshift hospital original plan was that it would not take Kobe patients covert positive patients it would take non cope with patience and would be an overflow for hospitals as it turned out but we don't have nine Colby people to any great extent in the hospitals governor Andrew Cuomo was also signed an executive order allowing the state to take ventilators and personal protective equipment from hospitals that had extra and redeploy them to hospitals that need them president trump has fired intelligence community in the community inspector general Michael Atkinson the watchdog who handled the complaint that triggered his impeachment the search for the daughter and grandson of former Maryland lieutenant governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend when they didn't return after canoeing in the Chesapeake Bay yesterday has now a recovery.

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