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Did we determined that those key stakeholders were provided with little to no advance notice of either the zero tolerance policy? Why the decision to prosecute the dull family? You defenders? That update from the inspector general for the Justice Department wrote called Calm, by the way, reporting that more than 5000 Children were separated from their parents at the border under the Trump Administration policy. Well, the Senate continues the confirmation process and today the president's nominee to Head up the Labor Department. He was before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee often referred to as the Health Committee, Senator Elizabeth Warren, introducing the Boston mayor Marty Walsh, calling him quote a champion for unions attracting corporations to Boston to create jobs. Kansas Senator Roger Marshall with this exchange with the Boston mayor over the issue of a $15 minimum wage, I look at a cost of living Median house in Boston $600,000. Median house in my hometown of Great Ben is $83,000. The cost of living index in Boston is literally to point to a multiple of 2.2. From where I live. You have a minimum wage right now of $12. These 12 70 80 $12 the minimum wage in Great Bend a 7.25. So was $7 our job in Great bend and be like a $16 our job in Boston, Massachusetts. I guess you know, I'm trying to get at is how can we have a nationwide minimum wage of $15, which which, Frankly, would kill a lot of jobs and Kansas. So had man. I'm all for If you want $15 an hour in Boston, knock your socks off. But in Kansas, that would be a pretty big wage job killing wage. Well, thank you, Senator. I think the You around minimum wage that you're gonna be debated on the Senate floor in the United States. Congress floor. President Biden has distressed that he is supportive of $15.50 dollars now minimum wage a nation wage national national wage. I support him in that $15 minimum wage, And I think that is going to be many conversations from now till something passes the Senate in the House. Around conversations about how that if, in fact that passes how does that $15 How many ways can instituted that from today's confirmation hearing for Marty Walsh and exchange with Republican senator from Kansas Senator Marshall He is, of course, President Biden's nominee to become the next labor secretary, and Marty Walsh, by the way, who joined the Laborers Union local to 23 at the age of 21. He served as the union president until he became the mayor of Boston Back in 2014 more from today's help committee hearing here's Senator Bernie Sanders Union guy, and I think I have a lifetime.

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