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No when he was like oh my gosh you don't know my middle name and i was like wait is it i think it's michael i didn't know i guessed christopher like second and he was like yeah i'm like okay maybe oh my gosh we are meant to be i know your middle name like not knowing each other's phone number when we got engaged like yeah it's the weirdest concept in the world but it's just modern just modern modern age i mean people meet and all sorts of these days so isn't that weird yes yes it is what was your reaction when you did find out you guys were pregnant did you like wait something's off i need to take a test here i thought i've just had like food poisoning we were in gosh where were we tanzania i think how do you keep up with where you've been in where you were hammers yeah i just don't know don't we were our member this because we were positive that one of our best friends was pregnant so we were on vacation while we were over in africa we were like hey let's just pop on over and like do some sightseeing so we went to tanzania with some of our best friends haley and tyler hubbard and haley was late yeah and we were all like oh no you're totally pregnant yeah you're totally pregnant and so she and then i got really sick one night and they were sort of joking with me they're like oh.

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