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And now we're going to move on to little quiz section before we get onto the previews for next week. Joel, I think you've got a path for the courts, up your sleeve, form me this week. Yes. Correct. Yes. I want to be tested. Yes, I do Kim. I've got a par for the courts for you. So it's quite more recent one. It is male focused. I saw this again saw this little stack on Twitter. So I wanted to check your challenge your brains to it. So my topic for you is the last 11 players to break into the ATP top ten. Now, I say 11 players because two did it at the same point. But yeah, I'm looking for any male player who's broken into the top ten and I'll give you the dates some sort of looking for. So they have been between the 10th of June, 2019 and the 1st of November. 2021. So it's going to happen tomorrow. Oh, okay. I think I know the player that's going in tomorrow. So maybe I'll start there. But what do you think the past score should be? Yeah. I think this is quite, I think this is quite dare I say an easy one. So I'm going to set the part score at I'm going to be quite nice. I'm going to say 6 out 6 out of ten. 6 out of ten. Okay. But isn't there 11 players? Oh sorry, 6 out of 11. Sorry, God. 11. Okay. Right. Yeah, for me, the difficulty is there are some players that I'm not sure if they were in the top ten before that date in 2019 or whether it's been after. So I'm going to start with the more recent ones. So tomorrow, I think Yannick sinner is going into the top ten. Correct, yes. Yes. Okay? Here if we had quite recently Casper Ruud. Correct, yes. 13th of September, 2021. He but her cash has been is top ten or has, yeah, because antibodies have been told what I'm glad that he must be at the top ten. Correct, yes, 18th of October 2021. Yeah. So those are the three most recent correct, yeah. Okay. It's a halfway there already. Dennis, okay? I don't know exactly when, but Dennis Shapovalov would have reached the top ten in that time frame as well. Correct yes, Shapovalov, 21st of September 2020. Yep. Matteo bertini, correct yes, 28th of October 2019. So yeah, barely is in there. That's 5. So I'm looking for one more. One more for par for the court gym. I see Rublev must have been there before bertini. So I think he must be prior to 2019. Oh, it must be someone that's going in and go down again, I think. Oh no. Diego Schwartzman or was he there before? No, I think he went in and he's out again, but he must be one of the United States Schwartzman. Yeah, I can say short swim. Correct, yes, what's the is it that 12 of us? Yes. Yeah, it was yeah. You could have said that after his run at the French Open. Yeah, you could have said Rublev as well. Bautista gate. Okay. Medvedev, back in 2019. And then the two who joined on the two who went in on the same day, 10th June 2019. Fabio Fognini and Karen kachanov. And I'll be interested to see I don't feel like it's going to say PCV, but yeah, so yeah, it was, yeah, those were your players. Yeah, you well done. You did you got par for the court this time. I'm surprised by the ED made the top ten before Medvedev. That's that surprised me. But fair play. I didn't want to say rebel repetitive because I thought they would have got there before where it didn't. But there we go. No, that's a good one. I had to really think about that. So I hope our list is enjoyed playing along to that one. We've got a mailbag today as well from Graham on Twitter who got in touch of us. So thanks for reaching out. Graham said, do you think the WTA should do a similar ATP style next gen end of season finals? Think of the matchups. That's a great question, Graham. I know what my answer for this is. Joel, what's your take? I think for me, this is, I mean, I think it would be a fantastic idea. I'm surprised this is even a question. I feel like this should exist. I feel like hopefully with this sort of new collaborative approach between the ATP and WTA dare I say maybe there's an opportunity to combine it into one event maybe. To showcase the best of men and women next gen together. But yeah, I feel like at the moment, you know, given the I mean, we always talk about it the depth of women's tennis. It just feels a little bit of a no brainer. Yes, you've got the WTA top 8 in Guadalajara and yeah, actually the absolutely be the case, but certainly I think there should be a complementary event like they're doing on the ATP side. I mean, if you think about it, you've got players like what rady Kano, coco Goff, Layla, Layla Fernandez, a serious Serrano. Marta caustic, and Lee. I mean, there's so many Clara torsen. It feels like yeah, it's a big opportunity there to make the most of these players who were, you know, coming up the rankings, put them on the radar with a bigger audience in a similar way that the next gen finals are doing for the men. Yeah, definitely. It feels like a bit of a no brainer to me. They used to do one for players who were ranked like 9 to 16. Yes. Second, not a second chance, but the leftovers, I know that sounds like a terrible expression, but I can't think what it was called. That was an odd one was there. Yeah, I don't think they do that anymore, but obviously with the next gen it would be under 21. So those players wouldn't necessarily be in the top 16. So yeah, I think it would be a fantastic idea. And there would be so many interesting matchups and players like all those names you just said. So I've just surprised that, yeah, I guess it's hopefully, you know, they can put some money behind it. Like you said if things are becoming a bit more joined up. But I just think, yeah, it's a missed opportunity, really. At the moment. But perhaps as well, it's because I guess with the ATP, you know, the big three have been so dominant and they really wanted to try and market the next gen as this sort of group of people who were going to take over from the big three, whereas in women's tennis, it's not had that same sort of perhaps that's very different isn't it? We get people breaking through at the age of 18, and that's like a normal normal process on the women's tour. So perhaps that that was the rationale behind it. But I'd still love to see a tournament with the young guns out there. So watch this space, perhaps it will happen in time, but thank you, Graham for getting in touch with us about that. I also just on this note like feel good story of the week, but this isn't really a segment, but did anyone see the 97 year old man who went to play at rappers academy and hit with Rafa. I thought that was such a lovely story. Pretty good ball for 97 year old. Yeah, exactly. I mean, if anybody was that age and able to be as active as he is, like, I'd be over the moon..

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