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Are the rundown Chetty drier and friction going little BC fight song in the background as we are joined by Scott. Former quarterback at Boston College football sideline. Reporter I can even say his name correctly, Scott mutual and we're buddies in other words, Scott sing along Scott. The fight song. I don't think I've ever been introduced to the BBC fight song coming out of the background pretty interesting. Yeah. We we do a lot of good stuff. Here's we do. We we couldn't find him. I wanted to actually try to find highlights from a game that I was at one thousand nine hundred eighty three. That's how old I am. When beat Clemson at alumni stadium. When it was about half the size. It is now. And refrigerator Perry was playing for Clemson Doug Flutie was playing for BBC and BC won that game Clemson came in. I just was amazed that the whole stadium was completely orange. It was just incredible. And you're gonna see a lot of that tonight. I ran into a couple of people on Wednesday night in the north end that are in for the game already. So they they certainly travel obviously, Las Vegas. God has plunged in one thousand nineteen and a half point favorites. BBC's had a really good year. How give us give us the plan that can keep this game close and maybe pull the upset. Well, first of all the Clinton people travel like nobody else man, if you've if you're a college football fan, you owe it to yourself to go down to see a game down there because they are very friendly even in person, and it's a great stadium to go. Visit and I highly recommend going to visit Clinton anytime. You get a chance has for the eagles. The eagles have had a pretty good year seven and two in in in a good spot and in still mathematically can get into the playoff series. I know it sounds crazy. But they still are alive in that aspect. But Clemson is a is a team. That's basically Alabama pros at every position at every level. Very talented team. You look at those guys and you'll hear a lot of their names called in the in the spring and the drafts and the NFL draft to tell you the truth sodas BBC has a couple, you know, three to five players that'll probably get their names called as well. And they're pretty talented guys to watch out for this this weekend. The biggest one AJ Dylan for BBC's draft. Eligible but he's a big key on the offensive. And he's been battling an ankle injury for the last couple of weeks in DC expects on the play. I don't know if he'll be one hundred percent. But if they expect to did they expect to give confidence game is going to have to control the line of scrimmage versus vaunted, Clemson defensive line and run the football and keep that Clemson offense off the field. And then probably hit some big plays in the in the play action in passing game. If they expect to have a chance in this game, the cards are stacked against them, but you know, stranger things have happened. Yeah. When you look at those offense of defensive lines against each other can go mining Romano against a lot of these offensive and defensive lines. Is there also a concern though? Then when it gets to the speed process that that's really where Clemson would have an advantage over BC. Yeah. I think this the speed and some size on the perimeter may be an issue for on the defensive Andrew BBC BBC has some good cornerback in me. She's actually in the lead of the lead in interceptions in in the nation. So they they've they're ball hawking secondary. And they can make some place. It's just not very tall on the perimeter has got some tall radio receivers that can cause some issues. Travis T T N for for continent that some big games running the football for them. He's just under a thousand yards on the year and already has fifteen touchdown. So this is a team that averages forty seven almost forty eight points a game it only gives up thirteen points. So there every you know, it's not against the competition to they put some really good competition. But as you mentioned, they're defensive ends Zack Allen is is a name that will ring early for the draft this upcoming year. He's a defensive end from Connecticut. Very very good player. Very talented all down player can rush the passer and play the run very well. And then on the other end is white Ray is the senior who was kind of in herald Landry. Who is the patriots fans can watch outlander? He's playing for the titans of the year. He will be match, you know, trying to get Tom Brady this year. He was the second round draft for the titans. So white rate was kind of behind him for a little while. But now that you know, held gone he has had a good year and is on the top of the nation with Saxon on the has nine and a half tax on your which puts him in the. Two or three, and he dabbled Sweeney is built just an unbelievable team here in in Clemson since he's taken over there. They're Brennan early in the playoffs. They're almost like Alabama in that sense. And this team is maybe one of his best. He's had to. I mean, they just putting up so many points the past four weeks that they've played sixty three points against Wake Forest forty one against NC state fifty nine against Florida state and then last week against Louisville. They put up seventy seven points. How does BBC's defense tried to contain such an explosive offense? Well, when you're trying to control an explosive offense, you got to figure out which one you wanna stop and which one you're comfortable trying to defend your best match up against. So if you'd be in my opinion, you're gonna expect them to try and focus on stopping the running game. Because of Clemson has a true freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence who's going is very good right now. And it's only going to get better Davos that was when he has done a great job. Obviously. He was he's Alabama guy. He's learned. I'm Nick Sabin. That's part of the reason. He's built the program the way he has but Dabo Swinney made a controversial decision earlier in the year. Two to start Trevor warrants instead of his his quarterback last year Kelly Bryant who proceeded to leave after that. And this true freshman has done nothing. But impressing as you mentioned in the last couple of games as they put up points. It's been bit him throwing the football. He starts over three hundred in two of the last couple of to the last three games and Trevor Ward's is very talented. But I think BC's way of trying to beat them defensively is control that running game. Keep be gap. Sound don't give up some big big running plays versus Travis ESPN and their clue and then chase him coverages in the back end mixing some some man mixing some zone. Trevor Morris come off as I read and into throw of a secondary receivers. And then either the pass rich gets home, and you can create some negative plays that way or you can cause them to throw the ball where where you want wanted to maybe pick them off. Scott as a former quarterback what's your assessment of what has gotten from Anthony Brown this year? And how is he going to be able to attack this Clemson defense that as you mentioned as several I bound takes on it. Yes. So Anthony has is recovered from his knee surgery. He hurt his knee just about a year ago against NC state. And he started out pretty well. He had a great game against Wake Forest where he threw five touchdown passes. And and run through it all over the ball yard and then struggled on the road against Purdue. And turn the ball over four times. I think he's starting to find a balance if you look at that he does he's only thrown five interceptions on the year with sixteen touchdowns. So he's put up some good numbers. But does it in a different way? They're not with the spread pipe gain. That's going to throw a quick bubble screens. And a lotta slants are quick passing game. They're passing game is predicated on the patch and then hitting deep shots down the field. Anthony is you know, had a lot of big plays down the field. Big arm. He can make every single throat, but a lot of his big plays have been you know, with deep shots off play action. And be the the the issue is is in the games would be either struggled or haven't or hasn't or lost. They haven't they missed those big plays. They miss them against Purdue. And even the. The first half against Virginia Tech Anthony plays out on the field where he missed some guys that were open. So he he really can't afford to miss those shots versus because you only get three to five the game in which allows you the opportunity to win. And when you're, you know, a significant underdog like DC is you have to capitalize on all those big play action passes and for him the last couple of weeks as he started to get healthier. He started to use his legs a little more and with him running the football nice dynamic to their with their power running game. Anytime you could throw the quarterback running there. It helps keeps defenses honest and doesn't allow them to just flow their linebackers and secondary downhill and and a lot of penetration. Because that's what a lot of teams try to come back BC with they know b he's going to run the football. So they really try to crowd the crowd the box and get as many guys in there to cause some disruption so PC can get those deep shops in the passing game. And Anthony Braxton uses legs. That that would be the recipe for BC on the offensive end. But he's the guy that's going to have to win the game for BBC. There's no doubt about it. If he doesn't have an a plus game. BC doesn't have a chance to win. We're chatting with Scott and former Boston College quarterback and current BBC football sideline. Reporter scott. How big a game is this for BBC ESPN is going to be here for game day, not necessarily pulling the opposite. But just proving that there are a major program and helping them recruiting process because everybody's going to be watching this game tomorrow night. Beat Miami on Friday night a couple of weeks ago, which further abandoned the game, which is a big game for BBC. But this is this is a total pulled other level. Like, Clemson the second ranked team in in the nation. They're reading the Atlantic Division of the ACC BC wins this game. They're in the driver's seat to win that side of the ACC and they could play in the ACC championship game. So this game if BC wins this game, not only is it a program changer. It is a chance to win a title, which is a lot of these seniors had wanted to do. And it it makes a big statement ABC just opened a brand new indoor facility and their their facilities. Now are on par with a lot of these schools that they were lagging behind and anytime, you get this national recognition you start to see the wave that helps in recruiting and DC has seen that BC's never going to be a team like light cleansing or Alabama or even Ohio State that that can get those types of recruits BC relies on a lot of three star recruits that that are going to work hard that are smart kids that need time to develop. But then every so often they. Get those special kids the Dylan the Matt Ryan's the lewke, but even Lucan Matt weren't big stars. But they developed into into big stars. And thankfully, Jim Harbaugh wanted to turn J Dylan the Noorani excuse me a linebacker. So that he changed from his commitment to Michigan and decided to come to BC 'cause he wanted to play running back very interesting with that stuff. Obviously, we play such an important thing that you can actually show your talent. Scott your mic quarterback whisper, Mike quarterback guru before we like to go. I got to ask you what the hell is wrong with Aaron Rodgers in my Green Bay Packers. You'll have all the answers that I need. Well, I think he is. Frustrated with a little bit of some of his younger receivers that a lot of what Aaron Rodgers does is how he sees the cover how he sees coverage and everything working against him. And if you see some of the stories that have been out there were guys in the secondary have been like, you know, we try to disguise a blitz. And all of a sudden, I see Aaron laughing at me. And when you have that feeling back, it's gotta feel helpless, and I think Aaron's a little frustrated with his receivers either not being on the same page or not executing the a level in which they need to do. You know, we've talked about going back and forth on on with him. And Tom Tom Brady a lot and Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. But Aaron Rodgers may be the most physically talented quarterback that anyone's ever seen with his ability to use his feet to create station in his arm talent is is unlike any you know, any other I've seen, but I think he's just a little frustrated with personnel and with his coach right now and after this past weekend when the patriots did such a good job of containing him in the park. Enforcing and not letting him get out by the pocket where he causes a lot of damage. I think that really started to get them. He he did make some plays. And they they miss them opportunities. But even in the NFL is like I mentioned before is that there's so many times there's only so many plays in the game that had the difference between winning and losing in. Sometimes it comes down to those three to five plays in some team where it's Brady hit. And Josh, Gordon. The the the the defensive back just Mississippi in that touchdown or just a failed. You know, failed fourth down conversion and other things that are just just inches away of happening. If those place, switch the outcome changes. So it's it's the fine line in the NFL. It's just so tight. And I think you know, you never kind of Aaron Rodgers why team out of it? And they'll they'll be in the mix at the end as you see things play out because he's just too good in two talented Tanabe. Yeah. And the talent so equal in the NFL. I mean, there's no teams out there like the eighties forty Niners of the early nineties. Cowboys. The salary cap goes that ability, and you know, a lot of people in Green Bay are happy with what they've surrounded Aaron Rodgers with like I think they feel that they've kind of wasted. Whether it's not enough on defense or not giving them enough weapons. I think a lot of people are frustrated by that because they don't want. They feel like they're wasting his best years. Right. Yeah. Absolutely. And I think if they don't make the playoffs you see Mike McCarthy gone in probably be the next coach of the Cleveland Browns with his now, he's not coming to the brand. Yes, he is. He's closer John Dorsey, Mike McCarthy's coming to the Lincoln Riley is coming to the bride. That's what you want acre shock the whole world..

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