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Downfall Santo never forgave Castro. One of his biggest aims in life was getting back to Cuba and one of the ways he wanted to get back to Cuba was displacing and getting rid of Castro. He would have done anything could possibly do it to his luck. He wasn't the only one with a grudge against Fidel Castro. In Key West Florida. Anti-communist feelings were mounting. There was anger among Cuban communities. Castro was hanged in effigy in street protests. Anti-castro forces were beginning to join hands and other cities traffic to kind of builds around himself. This little mob of Cuban gangsters who also left the island when when petits fell. And this whole anti-castro fervor starts reaching a fever pitch in in south Florida. That's traffic Conti's own involvement in the anti-castro movement, garnered the attention of some very powerful allies of north in September nineteen sixty traffic. Kante was approached by a man with a message from the Chicago mobster Sam giancana giancana wanted to enroll traffic Conti in one of the most high profile hits the Muffin headed ever gotten Fidel Castro. But it wasn't young kinda himself who was authorizing the hit. In fact, the contract didn't come from the Muffin at all. It was from the sea. In the next episode. When the US government was looking for somebody to assassinate Castro, they said, well, who are good assassins said the mafia conspiracies abound in the house, select committee on a sensation. How did the CIA get into bed with a mob to get rid of Castro, just shows you don't respect. The one force man had for the mafia. They could get things done in a way that one force mental legitimate operation could not. And traffic contact continues his involvement in a web of intrigue and Clinton distant operations that potentially Lincoln to one of the most notorious assassinations in United States history, John Fitzgerald, Kennedy. So because of Robert Kennedy's Warren organized crime that a lot of mobster start having some pretty bad feelings towards John f. Kennedy. And this goes across the country from Carlos Marcello and Orleans to Sam giancana to the bosses in New York. This has been an audio, boom and world media rights, co, production hosted by me, sleek Cooper. It is produced by audio booms been Hasley and Rachel Jacobs and Bettina Vasquez for world media rights. We had editing help from David Markowitz with additional production from world media rights by Gerald Xuebing, woah. David McNab is the series creative director and the executive producers for audio. Boom are Brendan Reagan and Stewart last. Thanks to Indochino for sponsoring this episode. Follow mafia on Spotify or subscribe on apple podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you find your favorite shows.

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