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But just going back nineteen days before the Republican Senate landslide in two thousand fourteen is what Nate silver's fivethirtyeight said this year's Senate election is closed for publicans have the clearer path to a majority. But it is a treacherous one Republicans have favorite in Iowa, Colorado, for example, but not by much if Democrats eked out victories in those states and picked up the seat in Kansas. They can control fifty seats and keep their majority. Democrats could also pick up seats from the GOP in Georgia Kentucky Republican gains in Arkansas, Louisiana or probable but far from certain relatively modest errors in the right states. Would do tricks for the Democrats anyway that Republicans picked up nine Donald Trump didn't win a single state. According to the polls, John Kerry was going to be president because of the polls now, I don't have a crystal ball. And I just know when we're in the fight. And I just you know, I have a natural gut instinct to always wanna play like on behind play hard and the way you play hard in this case is you make a decision now that you're going to vote for the Republican congressman in your district. Check out my website. See if you're in one of those key pivotal tip the balance of power districts. They're the most important, but every seat is important, and when you vote no that if you vote for a democrat you're voting for Pelosi. If you vote for a Republican, maybe you're you're voting to keep the status quo of economic growth and prosperity and a strong national defense and build a border wall. You know, if you vote for any democratic Senator you just voting for Schumer, if you've Oprah Bredesen's mccaskill Nelson. Joe Donnelly cinema. You vote for any of the tester. You're voting for Schumer. Jolson renter? Earlier crash. Twenty four eastbound Davidson county lines backed up from forty nine. Also have a crash Clarksville highway at old Clarksville IRA wanted George Davis boulevard, Charlotte. Fearing an earlier wreck nolansville road near Harding place, stall still slow Raynsford avenue near eighth avenue. South from talk radio ninety eight point three.

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