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Sorta thing today have their differences. But you know what i mean you know. Germany is completely different to to english and we learned in school. But it's always still hard to to understand for example when we have the manager limp before. Was everything english now. It's more german also but easier for me but the rest was always in english and to understand everything from the beginning was was not easy. I think that was not the hardest thing but also one point another thing is. It's like like every every time. I think it's it's the same doesn't matter goal from light to to munich to or i go to chelsea. You have a new city. S new teammates new structure in the in the club. New training camp. Everything is new so you have to adapt it the first weeks but after this now. I'm really happy here in london and lucky that everything's closed that account exp- have experienced london in the first year. Because maybe that's dim called a year. Because you come here you want to settle down very fast but at the end we we have found a good apartment in the city. Me and my girlfriend we live here. Maybe the hardest thing is of covert you. You don't allow to have People in your house. Oh nobody can visit you from my parents or her parents or friends. They don't been here. So maybe the hardest thing to be always alone but at the end it makes a lot of fun Looking forward that everything's open again. And then i think the the starts. Yeah hopefully it starts opening up you guys got a favorable would be great to see some people be able to celebrate a league trophy potentially a fundraising because i do want to highlight. You've been phenomenal player. Just the other day we were having the discussion. The team burner has now put himself in the player of the season conversation. Just because he's helping all around but you're with a new team and going through struggles with the new team. You're still getting to know your teammates. And obviously you had over there. But he was also going through it. He had cova said he was going through his struggles. And now he seems to be unlocking. What is the general morale. In that locker room one players are going through it. Obviously you're at the top of your profession. Everybody wants to be out there playing but it seems as though especially what that champions league celebration with iago silva and mouth and giorgio on the sideline jumping up and down the stadium..

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