Denmark Greenland, Denmark, Donald Trump discussed on KCBS 24 Hour News


To hear what's being discussed have you heard this out here we've been off the grid so what would you make of that suggestion of the U. S. trying to buy Greenland I think you should talk to Denmark Greenland is been a Danish territory since nineteen fifty three and politicians in Denmark have rejected even ridiculed the idea of a sale to the U. S. assisted a speakers on this member of parliament said I think it's a lack of respect to talk about Greenland as tradeable goods president trump is expected to travel to Denmark in September and a White House official tells CBS news the topic of Greenland is expected to come up and staffers are already working on it folks here will most certainly be paying attention to CVS is Seth Doane reporting meanwhile story about a different kind of green land the Pleasant Hill city council is set to consider approving ordinances to allow up to two delivery online medical retail marijuana businesses in that East Bay City while banning all other commercial cannabis enterprises under the proposed ordinance being considered later tonight medical marijuana delivery businesses would be allowed in as in such a certain business district courts certain business districts it would have to be at least six hundred feet from schools daycare centers or use centers no other type of cannabis related business would be allowed in Pleasant Hill.

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