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Of creating quote unquote Jewish version of the New Testament the Jewish annotated New Testament does not the same thing as a Christian initated Old Testament the Old Testament for the church the Tanakh for the synagogue in granted these different canonical orders would different books that stuff is shared material and throughout the centuries we have had in effect Christian notations of the Old Testament mark. We've had many any of them recently. Almost all academic study of the Hebrew Bible Slash old testaments was released study of the Old Testament for the Christian perspective. We have had infect Jewish annotated studies of Jesus in Jewish annotated studies the Paul since the enlightenment. Some of them were apologetic. Some of them were polemical juice have pretty much always commented on material in the New Testament what we wanted to do is do not as an apologetic and not as a polemic but in academics trying as best as we can to get a sense of the history and a sense awesome the literature so this is a text that's not designed with some sort of ideological drive other than a concern for mutual respect and understanding and we're really going back to visit Schefters Union sues because Abraham Geiger was one of the founders of that movement's. It's route very significantly on the new testaments. It is true that we are the first people to complete complete Jewish annotated new testaments but various books such as the book of Matthew have have been looked at by huge scholars of previous eras. If you look at the essays in the back in being a little bit simplistic listed here there was serious Jewish interested in new testaments for a long period of time the hull costs the show on the destruction of eastern near Destruction Eastern European jewellery it made people extremely suspicious of Christianity and and then the Jews really pulled back from that for a while with some exceptions the greatest exception the United States with Samuelson San Miguel in the Middle Second Part of the twentieth century and then as a result of your changes dinner standing of rabbinic texts. It's the understanding of how universities were structured. I think something that we did not talk about yet is how remarkable it is that Ej as a Jew is Teaching Protestants divinity school all of those changes culminated in the production of the Jewish annotated these estimates and again part of the way in which he phrased the question suggested that we have zero sum game aw that either Christians talk about the New Testament from Christians perspective or Jews talk about the New Testament for me Jewish. I don't think either of US sees this as zero sum game the opening up or the Christians less with eastern Orthodoxy but certainly within Roman Catholicism in the various Protestant movements toward listening to Jewish scholars over the past couple of decades has really been remarkable a number of our commentators do teach in predominantly Protestant divinity schools that that openness needs to be appreciated and I think it also fits fits with the earlier scripture material shoes who's studied what Mark Studies primarily who studied genesis through who study is certainly read Christian commentaries and Christians who studied this material generally works by Jews so why not move that that mutual respect up into new testament materials as well. Oh Jews have been publishing academically on the New Testament Samson Mel was the best example here from the nineteen sixties but even before that Joseph Klausner in Israel writing on on Jesus of Nazareth so we're part of a much longer tradition of juice studying the new testament then some listeners may be aware of I mean I think one of the questions here then is when you put yourself within this long tradition of Jews studying and writing about the New Testament what is new here. Are you just just in a certain way synthesizing the scholarship of the past hundred or hundred and fifty years asking what's new is like going to your average academic and saying Jay have you come up with a new idea or you just repeating stuff that was set one hundred years ago I mean I didn't mean to imply that would come up with something a new so to some extent were repeating stuff that we have learned from our teachers but the different focus gives rise to new insight. The package is.

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